I Bet You Don’t Have THESE In Your Office

A co-worker asked what these were as I was getting my coffee. One was sitting on the table where I left it after I showed it to a newbie here at work. The other four were in a drawer in the break room.

We have some office space that is currently available for lease. The building we are in now was vacant for 4 years and nobody much cared about it. The local SWAT got permission from the previous owner to do some door-to-door room clearing excercises in our office space. They left a few dozen of these laying about.

Those are empty 9mm casings from Simunitions. paintballs for real guns that have been fitted with special barrels. You use your service weapons with special barrels that can’t chamber real bullets. This used to be* the best idea in law enforcement training. You shoot somebody by accident and they don’t get dead.

How spiffy is that? I bet you never went room to room in your workplace picking up spent shell casings!

*By the way, simunitions took a major turn for the stupid by introducing a round at the last SHOT show that will fit a Simunitions-only gun (you know, one that CAN’T kill people with regular Simunitions) that provides a LETHAL level of force. They are a different color but the markings on the box are almost identical. And you can Oopsie kill your brothers with them.


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