Concealed Carry: Could Have Possibly Saved 2 More Lives

The following was sent via the email forms on their webpages to Governor Perry, Representative Strama, and Senator Watson, my local Elected Heroes. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a substantive response, but you have to at least scream into the void, if for no other reason than to say that you protested while you could. Who knows, something just might happen.



In the past week, we have had two more examples of the need for Texans to have the right to carry arms in places where Concealed Handgun Licence holders are currently prohibited from going about armed.
At a Phoenix community college this last Thurdsday, in a “Gun-Free Zone” a criminal ignored the laws against carrying guns AND attempted murder, and met with an entire room full of victims who respected both laws, and had no means of self-defense. Three people were shot, and the gunman fled.
Yesterday at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, a man emptied his shotgun into the congregation, and was only stopped when his weapon was empty, and some men in the church (who were presumably disarmed) tackled him. Two people were killed and several others injured. It is worth noting that this evil man was trying to get into a childrens area, where there would have been perhaps a couple of teachers, not a bunch of brave, strong men who could tackle him.

A CHL holder in Texas must pass a minimum marksmanship proficiency test. One well-placed shot -or even a brandished weapon and a shout- from a student, professor, or church congregant, could have resulted in several lives saved, and many injuries avoided.


Please do what you can to help ensure the safety of churchgoers, students, and mall shoppers. Work to remove the prohibition on carrying arms in these places in Texas, before more innocent people are killed.



Here I Thought It Were Too Hot!

From the Anchorage Daily News via Les Jones.

In Alaska, they are looking at record cold this summer.

Here in central Texas, we are looking at a record number of days over 90 and 100 degrees.

Hold on there.

What about “Climate Change?” Here I was thinking the glowbe was actually warmening, but then it looks cold again. What could be going on here?

It’s called weather, people. It changes. Get used to it. Maybe even turn off the a/c in your car for a minute and see what “normal” feels like.

Global Warming. Give me a break!

Small Time: I Am It!

I had a peek at Google Analytics just now. Most of my traffic is from the good ol’ U.S. of A., but I was a little surprised to see visitors had come in from UK, Canada, Israel, and South Africa. All of these are countries that have soft spots in my heart, for widely various reasons.

Welcome, my international visitors. Take your hats off, and stay a while.

Being Broke Bites.

So today at work, I was fighting a pair of robots. A pallet wrapping machine and a mechanical convection 30 cubic foot incubator. Neither wanted to work in the morning and by the afternoon, it was Me 1, Robots 1. I was seriously demotivated and declared I would not be going in to work tomorrow (saturday, day off, haha).

I told my cubicle buddy S.F. that I would really like to take the rifles out to a field and shoot some random stuff out there, and he agreed that sounded like a lot of fun. Except that the neighbors don’t take kindly to that sort of thing, and the police have to do their job.

$20 for two people for an hour at Red’s, plus amunition, is NOT going to happen when I have $700 worth of “used to run” waiting for me to get around to it in the driveway, and my already-meager allowance is on standby for the duration of the $3+ gallon of gas.

I so want to go sling some lead downrange right now. If you’ve never been shooting, I’ll find the money somewhere, so we can go make you a better citizen. But just so I can blow off some steam converting money into noise?

Yeah, there won’t be any new range reports for a while


Vote for . . . McCain?!

[expletive deleted] now I have to donate to the McCain campaign.

Tammy Bruce has convinced me. We will likely only have McCizzle for one term, and he’s going to want a legacy. He’s not going to want a fight over liberal social issues and we will be able to pressure him to keep him from falling off the left side of the fence. . .

Obimminy the Marxist (how did he get to be a) senator, we might literally not survive as a nation, especially with a Demican majority in both houses, and 2 appointments to the supreme court.

I hate to have to campagin for a democrat for republican for president but I’m going to go request a McCain bumper sticker right now and start trying to convince the people who have already said thew won’t vote with these choices to go with the one who’s not a marxist for democrat for president.


Vote for McCain (this time).

Obama: Put Up or Go Home.

So, is Obama qualified to be the next President?

Hold on there.

Not as in “won’t run the country into the ground”, by which criterion he is clearly NOT qualified.

As in, “are you a natural born citizen of the United States of America?”, the answer to which is apparently either “No” or “Not telling,” depending on whom you ask.

If you ask Obama, you get a blatanly forged and photoshopped fake as a $3 bill Certificate of Live Birth, from one of the most left-wing websites EVAR.

Obama campaign, you have been found endorsing something that is not just a little fake. It’s fake like the Ferarri badges on my Buick.

Hosted at Atlas Shrugs 2000 (above linked), reported on by the Joooooos at Israel Insider, via World Net Daily.

So, unless you want to also sell my bridge for me, Obaminitly, it’s time for you to produce a genu-wine “this dude is from here” paper, because it looks like you might be losing that nomination after all. And, maybe, going to Federal prison for fraud (and not because of all the flip-flops, either).

New AND Improved: Sawdust to Gasoline, Round II

It’s not new theory, but it’s looking like double efficiency. Take waste organic biomass and add heat, pressure, water and hydrogen. Then cool it. And you have hydrocarbons suitable for converting to gasoline and diesel.

Nice eh? Let’s see how quick the NIMBYs show up for the first plant that turns over a third of their lawn clippings into gasoline.

From New Scientist via World Net Daily.

Independence is Highly Overrated

From CNN

You see, they declared independence and it all went to [expletive deleted]. Now there is an exchange rate of $100B Zimbabwean to $1US.

It’s not presented as: the racists took over, kicked out all the whites who were the only ones making anything of any value and gave it all to blacks who didn’t know how to make even so much as food, even though their lives depended on it, and now they don’t make anything and the only thing the government is doing to combat the problem of not enough money is print more money and crush the political opposition with violence.

No, it’s not news, it’s Not biased against capitalism at all.