Sarah Palin: The Next-Next President?

Wow, I have never heard as much buzz about anything, ever, as I have about Sen. McCain’s picking Gov. Palin for his Vice Presidential running mate.

The news cycle: DOMINATED: PALIN, and also a mention of obama last night
The office: DOMINATED: Not just a GILF, also a woman for VP, might be a winning choice for McCain
The talking heads on the radio: DOMINATED: all of the above (except the GILF part)

Wow. Everybody is talking about this choice.

Excellent timing, McCain campaign. Excellent timing.

The sexist hillary supporters who only wanted a woman in the white house are going to be jumping ship from obama in 3…2…1…

Did You Know We Are Really In A Recession?

GDP growth was 3.3%. Projections were for 1.9% growth. Stock market is up, the value of the dollar is up, the price of oil is down, and goods are selling faster.

But if you watch the alphabet networks, you might still be under the impression that we are headed for, if not actually in, a recession. Why? Because they are leftists and a good economy makes the party in power (hint: starts with “R”) look better, and then they may do better in the upcoming election. Also, they think news of America getting stronger won’t be as interesting.

Yup, it’s a recession alright. Nevermind that if you were listening to conservative (read: non-broadcast non-alphabet networks) or even objective reporting, you saw that it was dicey for a minute, and there are rough times ahead still, but it was only (going to be) a slowdown and the economy is going to pick up toward the end of the year. You would also know that it was the Democrats in Congress who started the current slowdown in the US economy (by regulating some of the economy, not leaving it alone, by the way). But you wouldn’t know what was happening on American Idle, so of course the above is news to you, and probably a pack of lies. Remember to vote for Obama in the general election this December!

If it gets you to stop spending more money than you make, though, go ahead and think it’s a recession. Yeah, it’s a regular depression. Right. Everybody panic. Right. Faster than expected growth. Look out, it’s 1932 all over again. Right.

We just won’t talk about a national debt of $9,000,000,000,000. That’s okay as long as the food gets to the supermarket, right?

well, right?


Georgia, Russia, Who’s The Bad Guys?

They both are, a little bit, but…

Totten says:

Not so fast, the Georgian conflict isn’t quite how you saw it on the alphabet networks.

There is history here, folks, and the Russian part of it is very important. Read the whole thing, then read the comments. Totten may tell a pro-georgian side of the story, but the Soviets are apparently up to their old tricks.

That is all.

Barack Obama: a New Kind Of Politician!

You remember when John Kerry’s fellow servicemembers came out and told the world that he wasn’t as big a hero in Vietnam as he remembered? You remember how he tried to shut them up?

Yeah, Obama is doing the same thing now. Obama’s campaign has said he was friends with William Ayers, and now somebody who can afford it has taken out ads mentioning that Obama got his political career started by visiting Ayers, and oh yes by the way Ayers is an unrepentant america-hating TERRORIST who BOMBED HIS OWN COUNTRY.

Making a Change You Can Believe In from the way big city machine politicians typically stifle dissent, the Obamanites now have a LAWSUIT TO PREVENT COMMERCIALS TELLING THE TRUTH about their guy.

Yep, he’s all about that first amendment. The second one, too. Also the tenth.

Oh, wait. Check that. Reverse it. Theeeere, now it’s right.

ACLU: Your Colors Are Showing!

From World Net Daily:

So a chaplain who has been instructed not to proselytize or disparage other faiths may say something to indicate whose church he goes to. This of course has been unconstitutional ever since the first session of congress opened with blatantly sectarian prayer.

You know what you have when you include everybody in your prayer? Unitarian Universalism (a sect). And what if you have no prayer? Humanism (a genuine Religion, according to the supreme Court of the United States).

Of course, the ACLU is a bunch of godless/humanist folk anyhow, so I guess that would be fine.

At least this judge appears to have a spine. Good for Judge Pryor. Stand for common sense before we turn into France in the late 18th century people!

They Aren’t Talking About YOU, Jerk!

From World Net Daily:

So there was a competition and the winning child’s drawing was used. That’s fine. The sign it was put on is the international yield/caution triangle. That’s fine. The picture is a cartoon of two OBVIOUSLY ELDERLY people.

The sign in question

Is obviously NOT an honest attempt to warn drivers to be careful that they might see that exact thing, in 3-D and in living color in the street! NO that sign is obviously AGEIST and OFFENSIVE and YOU MUST TAKE IT DOWN!!!!1!!

Look old folks If you don’t use a cane and have a hunch back, be grateful! the sign isn’t talking about you. Believe it or not, you are not the center of the universe, and there really are people who look like that, who take a long time to cross the street. Of course, if they get run over, that’s nothing to you right? Who cares if a few elderly elderly people get creamed?

Get over yourself. Just because your legal age qualifies you as elderly, that doesn’t mean you actually are “elderly”. Don’t get your Depends in a bunch because the sign reminds you that you are getting old.

You are



and you are going to DIE!

Just like the other 6.5 Billion of us.

Get over that, too.

P.S. if you believe in Jesus, dieing is actually a step up, but that’s the topic of another posting.

School is Back In, And Trafffic STINKS!

I had forgotten the block-and-a-half long line to get out of my neighborhood. But that was okay, because nobody (except me) wants to turn towards the School Zone and risk getting a ticket for what they ought not to be doing in the first place, because motorcycle cops are thick around this one school.

I had forgotten, actually, that it is the first day of skrewel around here because my Darling Wife had started Mommy Classes a week early at our house, and it didn’t affect my commute at all.

What really irked me is that I ran into a block-long backup caused by, of all things, a typically incompetent po-lice directing traffic. And a little girl being all grown up, being overseen by the ‘adult’ crossing guard. All covering the same driveway on a 2-lane divided street.

That sort of hassle, before my coffee has kicked in? That’s a blog writeup.

Homeschool your children, and save the planet by reducing emissions from cars waiting for untrained police/crossing guards!

Since I Mentioned This Before:

Now there is a lawsuit by a Democrat to prevent Obama defrauding the Democrats by being ineligible for The Office by not being a Citizen of the United States.

The evidence for both sides seems shaky, and for once I think a lawsuit is necessary. It’s not like the man is running for Podunkville Dogcatcher here. It’s blood relatives and timelines vs. a sheet of paper. Lots of verbal testimony-or-nothing type evidence will be the order of the day. . . This has the potential to be very interesting.

Via World Net Daily