No Blogging for Me.

Screw the world’s financial markets falling apart, screw the value of the dollar being diluted by the elimination of negative consequences. I’m sick.

No, literally. I’ll spare you a description of the symptoms but I’m getting better.

But not strong enough is the force with this one, to blog.

See you Thursday, sorry.

Obama: A Different Kind Of Politician.

You know, the kind who wouldn’t try to shake down TV stations so they wouldn’t run ads against him that were full of truth.

Like this one.

Good job Obama campaign, now more people will see that video, than would have if you had just shut up about it.

Oh, and way to respect the 1st Amendment, and the intelligence of the American voters.


XM25: Do Want.

Did you ever feel the need to remove a defiladed or entrenched enemy 16 to 600 meters away, but they refused to poke their (rag)heads up for a clear shot? Then you need one of these. Found via at the home of the nice doggy

Good for a 25mm shell to airburst precisely over your target. Only $25k!

…but only if your name starts with “Department of”, because it’s from HK. Because you suck, and they hate you.

Have You Done Your Part?

I don’t mean, have you kept current servicing your own personal debt.

I mean, have you called your Elected Heroes and told them to tell Sec. Paulson (D-ope) to go ‘way.

I called my Congressman (McCaul, 1-202-225-2401) and told the intern “I’m agin’ it” because the congress is the REACTIONary body.

I called my Senators (Cornyn 1-202-224-2934 and Hutchison 1-202-224-5922) and told them I was agin’ printing money we don’t have to bail out investors, and to encourage investors who actually have money to put it into banks, by getting rid of capital gains taxes, eliminating the difference between short & long term cap. gains taxes, and removing taxes on money in bank savings accounts. I went into more detail because senators like to have a finger in every pie, and when they run out of fingers they’ll use their toes just so they can have their ideas interjected.

Go to the Congress and Senate websites and at least email them, if you don’t want to call. At least to say, slow down and fix it right, instead of jumping in blindly to another trillion dollars’ debt.

The Only Living Ex-Marine Gets Sued!

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

You may have heard (how did he get to be a)Congressman Murtha bloviate from the floor about how it was cold-blooded murder, what happened in Haditha. You may not have heard that, after the Marines involved were acquitted and he was confronted, he refused to apologize.

You now know that he is being taken to court for defamy & slander. This ought to be good.

Too bad it won’t be heard in court before the elections.

Found at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler (link to the P-G, because the comments are NOT P.G. at the Rottweiler’s site)

Well, You Can Drill, But You Can’t DIG!

The Democrats were forced by you to let the ban on offshore oil drilling expire. Now they are back at it, trying to extend the ban on exploring for oil shale.


We’re the Saudi Arabia of oil shale. And we have a legislative prohibition on going and getting the oil out of the shale. And now they’re trying to extend the ban (again)(again). Nevermind that the world price of oil over $100/barrel is driving the price of gas over $4/gallon, and your wallet is feeling the pinch.

Democrats: for the working man!

Remember that when you vote for them in December.


*yes, there is an environmental concern. Are you more concerned about *maybe* contaminating drinking water, or your ability to pay your water bill? You can clean water. Heck, you can even take the water (duh) out of the ocean, drink it, clean it, and put it back. You can’t burn water in your gas tank.

Democrats Kill the $700B Housing Bailout: Not Enough Pork.


I heard Laura Ingraham talking about it this morning, and was incredulous. Now, I’m still incredulous.

Nanci Pelosi has killed the $700B bailout deal. And said ‘it’s not my refusal to get on board, it’s their refusal to give money to a group under investigation in a dozen states for voter registration fraud, that’s part of this mess in the 1st place.’

That’s right kiddies. Just like the immigration reform bill that would have given amnesty to illegal aliens who were gangbangers, the deeper you read into this one the worse it gets. THAT’S why they want to jam it down your throat too fast to taste it.

Instead of paying off the debt caused by the deal. Instead of paying down the national debt. Instead of paying off some of the budget deficit. Instead of giving some of the people’s money BACK to the People, the Democrats involved want to give “no less than” 20% of any profit realized on the $700B you are about to spend, to community organization groups like ACORN (voter registration fraud, to get more democrat votes), The National Council of The Race (that would be the MEXICAN Race, in case you were wondering, also a Democrat supporting group)(la Raza is Spanish for the Race) etc.

And yet, they continue to be elected.

If you get upset about this sort of thing, and don’t vote, slap yourself across the face for me. You are part of the problem.

P.S. Oh by the way, they were bold to do this, because they got some money for these groups out of the OTHER bailout that the President just pushed through. Give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. Socialists and Muslim terrorists: No compromise, ever.

Federal Law: Applies To New York Too.

Go figure. Via Uncle.

According to US Federal law, if you are not prohibited from having a gun
and you can have a gun in your car where you start
and you can have a gun in your car at your destination
you can travel interstate with your gun in your car, regardless of the laws in the states you pass through.

Except that NY doesn’t like armed citizens. So instead of facing a minimum of a few years to a max of “seeing your kids grow up in pictures from the pen”, this fellow hires a good law firm. The Federal Traveler’s Defense works, and he gets off.

Hooray republicanism!

That is all.

So Iran Is Planning To Nuke Israel

Surprising not much of anyone who is paying attention, Ahmedinejad the Peaceful is talking about destroying Israel and annexing Iraq. Good. No problem.

Oh, wait.

Does anyone else see a problem with the next 2 sentences, and then the UN response?

“Over the next few weeks, the Iranian leadership could reach a determination whether Teheran would be ready for a total war,” the source said.

Yesterday Ahmadinejad said the U. S. is ruled by Zionist murderers, and again threatened Israel’s existence. The U. N. called his vile rhetoric as not helpful.

Not helpful. You know what is helpful? .338 Lapua. I know, we don’t assassinate foreign dignitaries, right, right. Sometimes, I begin to wonder why not.

You know what total war is, folks? That’s what we had in WWII. Nuclear and incendiary and HE bombs that destroy entire cities, women & children included. That means random strikes without provocation, looting, rapine, pillaging, etc. What we are doing in Iraq is NOT total war. The Rape of Nanking will illustrate what non-christian nations do during total war. You do NOT want to do that.

In unrelated news, is a source I never heard of before but they have interesting stories, so go read, but bring your BS meter (just in case).