So Iran Is Planning To Nuke Israel

Surprising not much of anyone who is paying attention, Ahmedinejad the Peaceful is talking about destroying Israel and annexing Iraq. Good. No problem.

Oh, wait.

Does anyone else see a problem with the next 2 sentences, and then the UN response?

“Over the next few weeks, the Iranian leadership could reach a determination whether Teheran would be ready for a total war,” the source said.

Yesterday Ahmadinejad said the U. S. is ruled by Zionist murderers, and again threatened Israel’s existence. The U. N. called his vile rhetoric as not helpful.

Not helpful. You know what is helpful? .338 Lapua. I know, we don’t assassinate foreign dignitaries, right, right. Sometimes, I begin to wonder why not.

You know what total war is, folks? That’s what we had in WWII. Nuclear and incendiary and HE bombs that destroy entire cities, women & children included. That means random strikes without provocation, looting, rapine, pillaging, etc. What we are doing in Iraq is NOT total war. The Rape of Nanking will illustrate what non-christian nations do during total war. You do NOT want to do that.

In unrelated news, is a source I never heard of before but they have interesting stories, so go read, but bring your BS meter (just in case).

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