Light Blogging Next Few Days

Come back when I’m recovered from the turkey overdose. My sister and her family is in town and we are going to be spending a lot of time at my Dad’s place with all of them. I hope you can spend the holiday with someone you love as well.

Trying to post a list of what I am thankful for would take quite a while, but “everything” sums it up nicely.

Remember what Thanksgiving is all about people. And stay away from the maul if you insist on going out during recovery day black friday

Amazing New Technology Part 2: Military-Specific

At $8,000,000,000 each, the Gerald R Ford class of aircraft carriers do not come cheap, but they are pretty hip. The bigger flight deck incorporates advanced arresting gear and electromagnetic catapults. The only things that concern me are the tower, which is close enough to the fantail to give me willies about planes running into it, and the fact that the sound and feel of a steam catapult are going away (I wonder what the new ones will sound like?) The ships will be using about half of their new nuclear plants’ output power, so there is plenty for new systems like dynamic armor or frikken lazer beems when they become available in the future.

The Intruder finally may have a worthy successor: first flight of the F-15K. The F-15K is the world’s most capable long-range, multi-role fighter. It can perform air-to-ground, air-to-air, and air-to-sea missions during the day or at night, in virtually any weather. It can carry more than 23,000 pounds of payload, reach Mach 2.5, and incorporates the latest military technologies. These include the APG-63(V)1 radar, a helmet-mounted cueing system, infrared search and track, third-generation navigation and targeting systems, and weapons-control systems supporting advanced weapons such as the Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM), Harpoon Block II, Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER), Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) and AIM-9X Sidewinder missile.

The EA-18G Growler comes in on-time, and under budget. I have a special affection for SIGINT planes, having worked on the EP-3E when I was in the U.S. Navy. In other Hornet-related news, the F/A-18F is getting Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) helmets for front and back seat. Hey, neat hat!

The V-22 Osprey an the MS-1 Ripsaw are both going to get M-134 gatling guns. One more step toward the rise of the machines, but it’s pretty neat until they start to get all uppity on us.

New Technology Never Ceases To Amaze

These technological wonders are astonishing now. In 50 years if we are still here, you can feel free to laugh as we look back on these steps toward the future.

A milestone to delivering a 100kW weaponized LASER capable of shooting down planes or missiles: delivery of a production line produced 15kW LASER from Northrop Grumman to the USAF

A single parachute guide itself while delivering a very heavy payload.

Radiation Shield Technologies has done a little magic. They made a lightweight lead-free suit that blocks Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-rays, as well as nuclear radiation. Made from Demron, which I gather is produced from the woven tail hairs of unicorns.

Card Check: The Problem and The Proper Response

President-Elect Obama has said he is in favor of doing away with private ballots when company employees vote whether or not to unionize. That seems like a stupid idea to make a change for its own sake but it’s worse than that. When the union pushers know who voted against them, they can get tough.

Marge votes against unionizing because she’s industrious and gets frequent raises.

The day after the vote, she goes to the parking lot to get in her car and go home

and her car has been keyed.

Then the “Local 213” representative from the AFL-CIO comes to her desk the next day and asks if she wants to reconsider her vote. Politely. Friendly-like.

Yes, it happens.


Here’s what I would say to John Thugissimo from the Local 213:
(delivered sotto voce, right in the ear of the main agitator for unionizing the workplace:)

The next time anything happens to me or mine, you, personally, will regret it. If ANY thing happens to my car, to my stuff, or to my lunch. If my wife’s car gets damaged. If a threatening phone call comes in to my house. If somebody even randomly engages in a road-rage incident directed at me or my wife. If a child on the playground so much as calls my child an ugly name:

YOU, my friend, will find yourself in need of a set of new tires and a new paint job on YOUR car. Possibly new windows also. Come to my house and the tree in your front lawn will be on fire. Make a threatening phone call and I’ll cut off water to your house with a chainsaw. Try to visit direct violence on me and twenty major-caliber Little Presents will be headed your way.

I’m not interested in collective bargaining, and I’m not interested in some thug trying to intimidate me into joining a union.






Are we clear?


If more people were willing to take that tone, and those actions, the AFL-CIO would be powerless even with public balloting.

In my humble opinion.

Britain Makes Being A Foreign Terrorist Easier

They want foreign workers to stop using their foreign documents for a UK-issued ID card. This makes things much easier for the foreigners in UK. All you have to do is go to the guy who sells the false ID cards, instead of having to invent a whole backstory and documentation.

Good job, Britain.

Well, at least they don’t have mandatory ID cards for the citizenry. Yet.

Oh, did I mention that DPS dropped a request they put in to the Texas Attorney General? Seems some lawmakers had concerns with the idea of Drivers License/Insurance/Registration checkpoints randomly stopping people driving down the highways. You know, the kind that treat ordinary citizens like criminals and are illegal and hugely unpopular in Texas? Yeah, those.

“Papiere, Bitte.”

So, Um, You Ah, Going To Use That 7 Trillion Dollars For Anything?

…or would you rather just give it to people who made bad decisions? You didn’t really need 1/2 the nation’s GDP did you?

No? Good! Carry on, no communism here!

Next up in line for a frikken handout: Everybody Else.


It’s almost like they’re trying to foment armed rebellion, but I’m still chalking it up to gross incompetence, until someone proves me wrong


They’re trying harder now. Since yesterday, you went from being on the hook for $7.7T to $8.5T now. If you don’t understand why this a bad thing, imagine the following scenario:

You make $50,000 per year. You owe $10,000 on credit cards. And you have just promised to lend $30,000 to your neighbor who never returns the tools he borrows from you.

Now consider, that is the current status of the economy of the United States of America.


I Am Offended And I Will SUE!!!!1!1!!

Before it mysteriously vanished ::cast sidelong glances at my Darling Wife:: I wore a boonie hat basically all day, everywhere except the house. It is an excellent sun shade, umbrella, and protector of my poor widdle head from minor abrasions and contusions from a zillion sharp edges and protruding objects at work. When I got my check, I would wear the hat into the bank. Sometimes I would take it off, sometimes not.

zOMG! Now I am a scary b4nK r0bb3rZ with a hat on!

Hold on there.

The tellers at my bank know that I am as reliable as a Swiss clockworks, showing up at 17:45 every other Friday. With a hat. Now some pointy headed corporate policy maker thinks a Fedora is a sure sign of The Bank Robber? Get over yourself. While you’re at it, come around to reality and arm your tellers and allow your customers to come in armed, and see if you ever get robbed again (hint: no you will not, and blood will not run in the streets).

This is, possibly, a worse insult to the customers of Golden One Credit Union than the “you’re a criminal” law that put pseudoephedrine behind the counter.

BOO! GOCU customers, protest! Everybody else, complain!

Kurds Take Delivery of Tons of Small Arms.

From the Firearm Blog:

The Iraqi Kurds have taken delivery of three C-130 loads of small arms from Bulgaria. Without asking the Iraqi central government’s permission first. The Iraqi government is not amused.

The arms are almost certainly for the use of the Kurdish independent militia (pesh merga) forces. The ones who are so effective we used their help in subduing the uppity muslims faithful islamists Tearawrists in Iraq.

This could be completely innocuous, by the way. They have probably been running low on supplies, what with living in a war zone and all. Maybe they’re just buying new assault rifles for everybody, and they didn’t want US-supplied “sand-jam-special” M4s. Then again, maybe they want to have their own little country, whether Turkey and Iraq like it or not.

We shall see.