Change: Obama Reduces Medicare Funding

The omnibus spending bill includes setting aside admittedly not enough money to pay for the healthcare reforms Obama wants. This $634 billion will end up being at least $1.2 trillion by the time it’s all said and done, but what’s a lousy trillion bucks here and there when it’s for the children? Since it’s the lightbringer doing it, the daily kooks don’t seem to mind that he’s starting by reducing medicare for the elderly.

He’s reduced your right to privacy in your own medical records
(increasing risk of identity theft in the process)
Now he’s cutting payments to health care providers for the aged.

This will result in fewer participating doctors in the plan and lower quality health care for old people.

Hold on there.


Medicare is already a hassle. They don’t pay for incidental stuff, just the care itself. And they don’t want to pay as much as private insurance. The very best doctors can tell their patients what they will pay. The worst (and to be fair, the very charitable and also the average) doctors have terms of payment dictated to them by the insurance agents of the patients. Now you want to pay even less fore Medicare Advantage-insured patients’ care? Look for doctors who were ready to dump medicare altogether, to start jumping ship because of this.

Elderly citizens, which party was it, again, that was supposed to want to reduce your health care?

Hillary’s ideal health care plan would make it a go-to-prison crime to refuse to take lower-than-doctors-deserve government health care dollars, because she knows that doctors would not participate unless she forced them to. Castro’s plan is similar . . . and the Cuban health care system is so good that Fidel got a doctor from another country when he needed care following a stroke.

Is that what you want in your America? Well, you wanted Change, didn’t you??

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