Change: Obama Sends 17,000 MORE Troops to Afghanistan

I didn’t mention this because I was sure the mainstream media would eventually pick it up and it would be a non-story. If Bush had sent an additional 17,000 troops there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth, but you have to listen to a conservative news outlet to even hear this story mentioned at all!

Eventually, the need for our boots on Iraqi ground will be reduced, and we will largely withdraw. Don’t be surprised if it happens in the next year or two. Don’t be surprised if our increased presence in Afghanistan drives some of the faithful away from where they might actually reap their 72 virgins and back to Iraq. THEN don’t be surprised to see the surge of American troops going back to Iraq labeled heroic liberators. They would be heroic liberators in Iraq now, and we would be cheering them off as well as cheering them home (as it should be), if the press weren’t so rigidly anti-whatever-Bush-did.

Vote with your feet. ABC NBC CBS and any station with those letters in their name, don’t watch, and maybe even tell them you won’t, due to unbalanced, left-leaning reportage. They won’t turn right, probably, but you never know.

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