I Could’ve Saved Them The Money (x2)

First of it’s kind study finds that when you see F’d up stuff on Jury duty, you are affected by it.

Really? Wow. So when you see video of a woman being gang-raped, heroin injected into her and then having her head blown off with a 12-gauge shotgun, you don’t just shrug that off and go back to life as you were? Huh! Who knew! So when you see a little kid being all kinds of abused in a kiddie porn trial and they trot out the evidence, you might be disturbed by that after the trial? WOW!

Study finds parents buy stuff their kids want in the grocery. Really? Well frikken how DO you DO? You mean, they don’t even realize anymore how many purchases they make when little Johnny says “But I want an Oompa Loompa NOOOOOW! and the parents like don’t even keep track?

Shazam! That’s some mighty fine detective work there, Lou!

You know, for a fraction of the millions of dollars that went into these studies, I could have given them a paper written up all scientific-like with exactly the same results. ::shakes head:: Sigh. I guess I’m in the wrong line of work.

DUI Checkpoints in Texas (or anywhere)

. . . are a moral evil.

You have an arguably worthwhile goal of getting drunk drivers off the road. You even have the proper people doing the activity (civilian police force). But you are doing a Bad Thing.

Someone who is traveling in a private vehicle on a public road minding their own business and breaking no laws is arrested and assumed to be a criminal. Adding insult to Injury, in Austin they like the idea of having a zero-refusal blood draw. What’s that, you say? When you are driving to Aunty Theresa’s house, you are forced to stop for no reason. It’s nothing personal you understand; it’s for your saaaaaafety. Then (because you are going to be late to blow out her 93 birthday candles and you are not a drunk) you get combative and refuse to blow into a breathalyzer. So they STEAL YOUR BLOOD from you at gunpoint.

Sorry, you will have to be filing assault charges on me too, officer. And be sure I’ll be filing a few suits back with your name on them. The suits will contain interesting phrases like “under color of law” and “$10,000 or ten years imprisonment, or both.”

This is evil and they have already passed enabling legislation for it in my Texas Senate.

They want to have checkpoints only in big cities and only after midnight, and only once in the same location per year, published in advance. Oh, fine. How about this: they want to name the law after a girl who was killed by a repeat drunk driver at 3PM. I don’t think they are mocking you while attempting to steal your liberty, but it sure seems like it this time.

Gee, maybe if you hadn’t let this jerk out of jail after the first time, or the second time, he drove drunk, that little girl would be alive and you wouldn’t be able to demagogue my liberty away in her name.


In other news, Representative Strama’s office has my address in their robot system under my last name. Also, from the tone of voice of the lady on the phone at Governor Perry’s office, my comment went straight to the circular file but maybe (let’s hope) she’s just tired of hearing the same comment all morning.

If not, call her and make her tired of it. The Governor’s office can be reached at 1-512-463-2000

Colonel Cooper Never Stirred A Pot, Once, Ever.

Including when he wrote: “We note that there are those who object to our referring to Japanese as Nips. However, the Nips have no reticence about referring to me as a gaijin. I do not know why we have all suddenly become almost hysterically touchy. The Krauts refer to us as Amis, and I do not mind. Nor do I object when Jews refer to me as a goy. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me.””

GM & Chrysler: Swimming in Quicksand.

GM and Chrysler have failed to impress upon President Obama that their continuance as currently structured is more valuable to him, personally, than the good will of the American people. So they will only get a few billion more dollars to keep operating until they can make a better sales pitch. That’s one story, but there is another one here.

GM is going to fail this year. So why not go ahead and push their new 5 year/100,000 mile warranty on new cars?

Their cars have improved but continue with a public perception of low quality. Even the luxury models have cheap plastic interiors.

Hyundai is actually selling MORE cars this year than in the past. They have been making problem-free cars that don’t need to use the standard-for-a-decade 10 year/100,000 mile warranty. They came on strong and stayed strong, and their luxury cars have high quality interiors.

The luxury cars from Hyundai are on a par with the (greatly fallen) Cadillac line at GM, but for 1/3 to 1/4 or less the cost of the Union-built GM product.

Gee, I wonder what’s wrong with the American consumer not buying up all those GM and Chrysler products!


I will give President Obama credit where credit is due. Faced with the option, he came right out and said he doesn’t want these companies to be operated as wards of the State, and that bankruptcy might be what’s required to restructure them. That’s really good news for us Capitalists, although it comes out of his mouth about 40 billion dollars after it came out of mine.

Schutzenfest 2009: saturday Saturday SATURDAY!

It’s on. You know who you are, who are coming. If I haven’t told you where it is yet, you need to find out from me by Saturday morning!

Don’t forget the food!

Don’t forget the ammunition!

Nobody has said they have too much of any one caliber, so if you can afford it, please bring a box of cartridges for whatever you want to shoot. Go to the Schutzenfest Main Page and scroll down to see what all guns are supposed to be there. The list is NOT all-inclusive because it’s like herding cats trying to get some people to cooperate.

Obama: The Beginning of the End (of America)?

Sure, it could be nothing, it could be nothing. But. . . well, I know I am not the only one who is drawing some disturbing analogies here . . . .

Russia and the USSR had the Little Octobrists, Young Pioneers (10-14yrs), Komsomol (through mid 20’s) and then Communist Party membership.

China has Pinyin.

Cambodia went a little farther and removed children from their parents to be reared by the Angkar

Perhaps most ominously in light of Candidate Obama’s own words (“. . . just as well armed . . .”), Germany had the Hitler Jugend and Sturmabteilung

And now, President Obama wants you to help his attempts at Organizing For America:

“I support President Obama’s bold approach for renewing America’s Economy”

And, because involuntary servitude apparently is legal all of a sudden in America, we have your Elected Heroes volunteering your children for “Community Service”.

Sure, other countries have had leftist Pioneer Movements without devolving into bloody mayhem, but you know what? It bothers me that there are at least 100,000,000 DEAD PEOPLE saying “you know, that stuff going on in America looks a little familiar. . .”

Inspired imagery from ushanka.us.

I Guess I Am A Sleepwalker.

I was going through my normal morning routine today, and put the bedside gun in its usual daytime spot where my Darling Wife can reach it at a moment’s notice. I asked her where the cough drops were, on my way out the door. She was 7/8ths asleep and couldn’t recall. I bought some on the way in to work.

She called me to say good morning and told me the cough drops were right next to where I had left the gun.

Oh well.

Join the NRA. Now. It’s Free. It takes 2 Minutes.

Click here to join the National Rifle Association.

This is a $35 savings, a 1-year GIFT membership. Sure they are squishy on some things and downplay the GOA‘s and SAF‘s efforts in the same fights, but when there is a major victory for gun rights, usually they are in on it.

And it’s FREE people. This was the year I was actually going to pry my wallet open with the Jaws of Life and join up, at the Schutzenfest. Now I’m joined up. Your turn.

Madness @ Work!

The other day four or five of our men were lifting and carrying some heavy thing or other, trying to get some production accomplished. OM comes around with his hands in pockets, and watches for a moment before chiming in with

‘So, ah, do we have any colored paper?’