New Numbers From the CDC

109 cases of flu in 300,000,000 person population! EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!!1!

1 Fatality!!!1!!! (of a child from Mexico where the disease came from).

You gotta better chance of dying from falling off a ladder people. Live your life and wash your hands. Don’t let people sneeze on your head. Don’t suck your fingers.

Also please don’t look at what the President is trying to do to the gold-plated health care system you currently enjoy in the U.S.A. Thank you, that will be all.

1st Documented Case of Swine Flu in Georgia

A woman in Georgia has been diagnosed as having the new scare tactic strain of flu. She thinks she got it at a recent public event, but she also just returned from a vacation in _________(fill in the country) (hint: our Homeland Security Dept. refuses to close the border) (hint: people from there are flooding across the border to our gold-plated “free” healthcare with the flu (and doctors are being told to stay away from free health care clinics unless it’s an emergency)) (hint: it rhymes with Texaco)

If you said Mexico, you’re right. The World Health Organization has gone from 4/6 to 5/6 on its alert level, and you can’t get to here from Europe, but don’t worry. The flu is already here, so no need to shut the door in the face of thousands of illegal aliens coming to US hospitals . . . make the next elections harder to rig hamper commerce by closing the border with Mexico!

If You Drive Like This You STINK

From my perspective:
Driving to work this morning on a three-lane surface street, approaching a highway underpass. There is a traffic light before it, and another after it, and they go green in sequence to let traffic go from the first to the second light with fresh green lights for everybody. Except that sometimes people get stuck in-between. I was coming up to the first light in the #2 lane and a big box truck was in the #2 lane under the highway. There was a car in the #3 lane that was s.l.o.w. I passed them while crossing through the first intersection and went in front of them, into the #3 lane, under the highway. As I came out from under the highway, a woman coming from the right in a Tahoe BARELY stopped short of the #3 lane she was about to turn right into. I saw her coming and was ready to cut back into the #2 lane (in front of the box truck) with my right foot over the brake pedal, the clutch disengaged, and ready to downshift to accelerate and get the heck out of Dodge. As I passed in front of her truck, she honked at me. I gave her a salute through the rear window.

From her perspective:
She is coming up to the light at an intersection on a two-lane frontage road next to a highway, in the #2 lane. She is preparing to turn right on a red light. Look left, nobody in the #3 lane on the cross-street, good to go! Look right, nobody coming from the right (!) and awaaay we g-HOLY [deleted] THERE’s A CAR COMING IN THE #3 LANE WHERE DID HE COME FROM!?!? ::jam on the brakes & honk::

People, on a one-way street, look in the direction traffic is coming from before you go to turn on to the street. Look the other way sure, but pedestrians will be slower than oncoming traffic and if someone is coming the wrong way down the street, that should be pretty obvious, also. Look LEFT if you are turning onto a one way street where the traffic is flowing from left to right. It prevents your insurance company having to buy me another car.

Okay? Thanks.

Ships Run On Oil, Why Again?

The world’s giant container ships with engines bigger than your house that burn (basically) asphalt for fuel, pollute more than a car that runs on propane. Who knew?

Interesting snippet: The USN has accumulated over 5400 “reactor years” of accident free experience and currently opreates more than 80 nuclear powered ships. Yes, nuclear powered. As in, a nuclear reactor or six in the hold of the ship. Instead of burning tar, they burn nothing, emit no pollution, and need refueling at decades-long intervals. Of course the watermelon fascists hate nuclear energy for a variety of reasons, but for the shipping companies, aside from the initial cost equipment and ongoing training of operators, we must ask:

Why not go nuclear?

Madness @ Work

NM was on a tear this morning, high on Coffee, and the emotion was directed at getting the production area cleaned up after the Flood of 2009. He got me a little bit upset by cussing @ everyone in general & me in particular. I told him “Some people work slower when you cuss at them. And by some people, I mean me.” I also mentioned that it must have been too long since anyone turned him upside-down.

But as much as we former military types may kvetch, we still do as required by the authority. Physically anyhow. When I got back to my desk, I had a song in my head. The hook at the end of it, when I listened to the song three times back to back, made me feel better.

Warning: the hook at the end has some pottymouth language.

Oh, what was the song? Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name”

An hour later WM was back to normal-person hormone levels and much more pleasant to share a room with.

Colonel Cooper On The Color Code

I think this goes a long way toward explaining why I am the way I am, and the thoughts I sometimes think that other people (who live in Condition White) do not think.

In the January 2005 Cooper’s Commentaries, to clarify (again) what he means by the Color Code, he wrote:

The Color Code refers not to a condition of peril, but rather to a condition of readiness to take life. Fortunately most people are very reluctant to take lethal action against another human being. Most people are reluctant to shoot for blood on a harmless game animal, until they become used to it. To press the trigger on a human adversary calls for a wrenching effort of will which is always difficult to achieve and sometimes apparently impossible. Thus we live our days in Condition White, which may or may not have anything to do with our danger, since quite frequently we are in deadly danger and do not realize it. Any time you cross directions out on a two-lane highway you are at the mercy of that character coming towards you in the opposite direction. Usually he is okay, but when he is under some sort of chemical influence, or is psychologically upset, he may only twitch his wheel to produce a multiple fatal accident. Most of us would prefer to live in Condition White permanently, and many do, but those who are more aware of the nature of things are often in Yellow, which is a condition in which we are aware that the world is full of hazards which are human, and some of which may be obviated by our own defensive action. When one is in Condition Yellow he is aware that today may be the day. He is not in a combat mood, nor is he aware of any specific situation which may call for action on his part. There is a vital difference between White and Yellow, and it has to do not with any specific enemy or a set of circumstances, but rather with your awareness that you individually may have to take decisive action on this very day. If you are attacked in Condition White, you will probably die, or at least need a stretcher. If you are attacked in Condition Yellow, you will probably win, assuming that you are armed, awake and aware. The difference does not lie in the deadliness of the hazard facing you, but rather in your willingness to take a very unusual action.

If in the course of events you become aware of the possible existence in your presence of a lethal adversary, you switch from Yellow to Orange. The difference lies in the specific nature of your presumed antagonist, not in his evident competence or attitude. In Yellow you say to yourself, “I may have to shoot today.” I may actually have to press my trigger on a human adversary, but I don’t know who or where.

When you detect the presence of a target who may be the one you will have to engage, you shift from Yellow to Orange. In Yellow your mind-set is “I may have to shoot today.” In Orange it is “I may have to shoot him today.” At this point your normal reluctance becomes easier to overcome. Legal and moral aspects of the conflict are lowered and have been dismissed from your mind. Your attitude is dictated by the presence of that enemy standing there. You may have to shoot him, now, today. What is needed is a trigger. The trigger is the act establishing that the situation is indeed a matter of lethal conflict. This is Condition Red, and in Red you have solved the psychological problem and have no further concerns beyond the technical. In Red you are go, and your mind is concerned only with front-sight and surprise.

Moving from the various Conditions into each other is easy to accomplish once it is understood. If you are attacked in White you will lose the fight. In Yellow you will have the advantage of initiative response over your antagonist. In Orange you are pretty safe, provided you are armed, alert and aware. In Red you win. Simple, isn’t it? Clearly you cannot go any further than Red because in Red you have already made the lethal decision. Complications are unproductive.

That last bit about complications is in part a reference to the USMC adding “Condition Black” which they describe as being in active contact with the enemy. The Color Code invented and preached by Col. Cooper for 30 years has no higher condition of readiness to kill a man than Red (I will kill him, NOW). It is a means to help a peaceable person to cross the psychological barrier, and the colors do not describe action but rather willingness. Therefore, Black is a silly and useless addition.

I further note for those unfamiliar with the Color Code that people in Condition White are the ones who say “he just came out of nowhere” when they are mugged. They are the ones surprised when the danger that floats around all of us lands on them. Those who live in Condition Yellow are merely not-oblivious, and paying attention.

Changing between Conditions is not difficult and, once you are used to it, it happens automatically. This color code is about a mindset that prepares you to act in an unusual fashion. Even on the highway, you can use it. Yellow is the baseline, and when you see a car weaving in its lane, go to Orange. Red is slamming the brakes as the other driver swerves toward you. A book could be written about examples, but that would be beside the point. Try it, you’ll see what I mean.

Sometimes I Want To Go Back

Sometimes, I feel bad that my time of active duty service was during peacetime. The war was just starting to pop off when I was getting out. It was an honorable service. I did my job well, whatever it was I had to do at the time. . . but I feel like I haven’t really done my bit.

I want to go back in, but not to the Navy. I want to be a Marine or a Soldier, an infantry type this time, so I can go give the Tangoes a message in person.

But this is a decision that must be gravely considered, with much prayer, and taken with the consent of one’s spouse. I seriously doubt I would get that consent.


So I’m doing my part here instead. Spread the good word and support the men however I can. Unfortunately due to being broke, that’s not going to be financially or with goodies, but I can do what all other Christians can (and should) do. I can pray. That is more than adding a full division to the front line (which I wish we would), that is asking for the Maker’s help. With God on your side, you win. Without Him, you lose.