Gun Laws: Not Preventing Crime. Duh?

Get it while it’s still available before they take it down.

Gun laws don’t stop people who want to break other laws from breaking the other laws.

This of course is common sense unless you are a Statist who considers the average Joe too incompetent to fend for himself (and of course you know just what he should do).

Hat tip to Ride Fast

Police vs. Police Homicide In New York City

When you are dressed in plain street clothes while carrying out your duties as a policeman and see a man in plain street clothes with a gun chasing another man, do you say:



b) Police! Drop your weapon!


If you chose b) then you are obviusly not this particular New York Police Detective with four years of service under your belt.

Say it with me now: when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. And the Only Ones will shoot at the outlaws.


As an aside, I’ll mention that there are FOUR BULLETS unaccounted for in the middle of a densely populated residential area of NYC. I guess 2 hits out of 6 shots is good enough for New York’s Only Ones.

Also, they played it but you have a pretty high standard of proof if you want to make the Race Card work here. Cops shooting a man who was chasing someone else with a gun doesn’t automatically scream racism to me, regardless of the level of melanin in the shooter’s and shootee’s skin.

YouTube To Begin Charging Hosting Fees?

It is apparent that the people at Google don’t understand that everyone uses YouTube ONLY because it is free to use. When there are a dozen other sites to host your videos free of charge, and YouTube is monetized, YouTube will collapse in very short order.

They are supposed to know how to make money, so why are they talking about this? This reminds me of the United States Postal Service constantly increasing postage rates because of dwindling revenue. Note how well it’s worked out for the USPS.

I’m Still Waiting For The Double-Dip.

There are a lot of people not paying close enough attention, who are getting closer and closer to calling a bottom in the US economy. Those people are forgetting something.

The current crisis was brought on by a bubble in residential real estate.

Commercial real estate saw no less of a boom. The CRE market is as heading rapidly toward as-bad-as residential. And coming up quick is a wave of refinancing that’s going to crash on impossible interest rates and credit standards required to get a loan.

So good luck with that recovery there BHO. Let me know how it works out for you when you need another trillion dollars to bail out your pals in the CRE lending industry.

4 Hours Sleep Is Not Enough Anymore.

I used to burn the candle at both ends without any difficulty. Now that I have achieved the ripe old age of no-longer-a-teenager I find that going to bed at 02:00 and waking up in the 06:00 range is inadequate brain preparation for blogging. Working I can do. Thinking, no.


My fairly weak excuse is that #2 was running fever that developed very quickly. It fell off as quickly when he hit the sack but I wanted to keep tabs on him.

Drone Wars: Not Funny.

Mish mentions that the Japanese government is about to lift a self-imposed restriction on exporting arms. Commentators seem to think this will lead to Japan being a world leader in the newest of the new unmanned warfighting hardware.

Great. Just what we need. MORE people building killing robots. Surely Star Wars has been dubbed into Japanese by now! Somebody have a screening for the entire Japanese government before it’s too late!

Felt Like Choking Somebody Out This Morning

On the *ahem* reading chair I had a look at the back cover of the most recent National Geographic Magazine.

Allstate is promoting communism. Oh, sure, they say it’s for the children and for safety and everything. I’m sure they would mention apple pie and The Flag if you talked about it with their PR department on the phone.

The upshot is, to prevent the self-inflicted deaths of just over 100 teenagers per state, per year, they want to remove yet another liberty from the States and have a Federal Law mandating a graduated drivers licensing scheme.

The Safe Teens And Novice Drivers Uniform Protection Act of 2009: STANDUP (for fascism!) act. I’m going to look into it and I may be calling my Elected Heroes and telling them I’m against it.

Hey That’s My Boy! Busted In Austin Makes The News.

One of the members of my church is one of two people in charge of a new local newspaper that’s about 1/2 mugshots and 1/2 Austin crime stories. It was in the local news!

He’s trying to get a deal through with the local Indian (dots, not feathers) mafia to let him put it in all the habib stores (400 stores in Austin) but the paper is already turning a profit.

It’s pretty funny when the guys at work who don’t all have the brightest bulbs for friends tell me that they know anywhere from 2 to 4 people in the paper. IF JEFF HAD A FRIKKEN WEBSITE I would direct you to it. Oh well.

Update: I should ask more often. The website is up and you can go see where to get an issue off a newsstand:

(Image from

HOLY [deleted] That Was Some Bad Traffic!

I got to work a good 50 minutes late, having left in time to be on time or a minute or two early. Traffic was *stopped* from before I get on I-35 (Grand Ave. Pkwy) to the exit ramp I use to get off the highway (FM3406). The frontage was a hair faster, so I got off and took the surface streets. . . and there was a wreck right next to me as people were trying to fit 3 cars into 2 lanes with a guardrail on the side. THEN I was about to turn on to Sam Bass Rd. and the car that was behind me thought the box truck next to me was taking off faster, but they didn’t think about the lurching starts trucks make, so they were about 1.5 feet from a collision right next to me also!


Police, fire, ambulances, hazmat crew AND a TV camera truck with its boom all the way up. For a crashed paint truck. WM says the news said it was water-based paint, but around here they’re probably all worried about the three-toed gecko or whatever, so the news on my radio said they would be there until NOON at least because they won’t use a fire hose and spray the [deleted] into the ditch and call it a job.


I wish I had my camera with me today. Anyhow, I typed this up to email to my manager, but he came in and got the in-person story straight from the horse’s mouth. Oh well.

More On SotoMayor

I’m going to call my Elected Heroes today to remind them what we got the LAST TIME we went for the “historic” candidate.

Also, it’s great to hear on the talk radio shows (but again, don’t look for it on the nightly news or in the press) the hosts with long memories tearing up the “reporters” with short ones, using their own words from the Roberts nomination fight, to pick at the Sotomayor nomination.