Hey That’s My Boy! Busted In Austin Makes The News.

One of the members of my church is one of two people in charge of a new local newspaper that’s about 1/2 mugshots and 1/2 Austin crime stories. It was in the local news!

He’s trying to get a deal through with the local Indian (dots, not feathers) mafia to let him put it in all the habib stores (400 stores in Austin) but the paper is already turning a profit.

It’s pretty funny when the guys at work who don’t all have the brightest bulbs for friends tell me that they know anywhere from 2 to 4 people in the paper. IF JEFF HAD A FRIKKEN WEBSITE I would direct you to it. Oh well.

Update: I should ask more often. The website is up and you can go see where to get an issue off a newsstand: BustedInAustin.com

(Image from bustedinaustin.com)

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