Obama: Your True Colors Are Showing, And They’re RED.

An abortionist is murdered and the next day there is genuine outrage from the white house. An American soldier is murdered and another soldier is injured in an obvious islamist-religion-motivated attack in the US mainland, and we hear from the white house . . . crickets.

Iran, a country headed by a repressive islamic regime, had an election for President. It was obvious from the first DAY after the election that the incumbent stole the election. The citizenry took to the streets in protest by their hundreds of thousands. President Obama says he doesn’t want to “meddle”. It takes TWO FULL WEEKS, hundreds of murders and thousands of unjust imprisonments by the Iranian government (against political protesters) before Obama reads off the Teleprompter in a straight deadpan monotone that he is ‘outraged.’

Israel, a democratic, tolerant, inclusive, FREE nation seeking only peace with neighbors whose stated goal is to wipe it off the map because it’s full of Jooooooos, responds to indiscriminately murderous violence against its citizenry with surgical strikes against the people doing the killing. Surgical in this case means a few civilians die because they allow terrorists to hide in their midst. Obama tells BB to knock it off. He also refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to claim land they won in a war that the former landholding nations STARTED.

And now, in Honduras. . . . The President, a communist dictator tried to rewrite the constitution according to his own whim. The courts forbade the army from implementing the “new” constitution [see update, below]. The Army did the right thing (finally) and arrested the dictator and kicked him out of the country in his pajamas. What else could he do? President Obama the next day speaks out in support of the deposed dictator, and a chorus of voices from the lovers of justice joins him. You know, people like (socialist) Secretary Clinton, and (communists) Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

You don’t have to ask Obama whose side he is on. If you understood what I just wrote, it’s plain as day whose side he is on. His own words to the contrary notwithstanding, it ain’t our side.


The friend of my enemy is my _______.


Is this the change you were hoping for?


Update: I posted the above from memory. Uncle points us to a post by DirtCrashr describing more accurately what happened. It also shows the real reason Obama is so swift to react against the actions of the Legislative, Judicial, and Military branches of the Honduras government: he doesn’t much care for proper checks on Executive power and this was the ultimate check on an executive.

USA Looks A Lot Like California

Mish always finds an interesting article to link up.

In this case, one telling about a Congressional Budget Office estimate that public debt could go as high as 750% of GDP and interest payments on it could be as high as 30%, if current policies are continued for one person’s lifetime. Unless we do a bit of slash-and-burn on checks written that our collective ass can’t cash, we’re S.C.R.E.W.E.D.

Hmm? Icky numbers!. Hey look, Can You DUET is on! Don’t you just love that show?

More News From The Place Where England Used To Be

There is a library in Cambridgeshire.

Some retired people meet there for coffee and socialization.

Some wee little babes from a local nursery go there for books and readinafyin’ & whatnot.

Obviously we have to BAN the pensioners from having coffee at the library.

To protect the books? To protect the carpet? To protect the pensioners? No no, my friends, it is For the Children! You see, they might get coffee spilled on them by accident.

Next up: banning going outside, in case you fall down. Then, banning staying in because you might bark your shins on your coffee table. Then, we’ll just have people kill themselves to protect themselves from themselves.

Hey NELS! Keep It On The Down Low Buddy!

It seems “they” found out I blog at lunch and sometimes during (required to be taken by Texas State law) breaks.

Uh, oh. Dang I guess using company computers for personal purposes at lunch is cause for political intrigue! Gee, that might be a problem if I wanted to take anybody’s job (instead of just doing what I do) or if I was unproductive (as opposed to a slow day when I have few things to do, or things that take a long time & keep my numbers down).

Maybe it would be a problem that I sometimes log into my personal email at work also. Except that I can’t use the company email service. . . . I can’t even ping the company email server from my computer, so it’s yahoo! or nothing.

Oh well. Like I said to a guy here who didn’t like me making noise (metalworking): want me to stop doing something? Say “please stop” and sit back and watch the magic. I’m not a woman and I refuse on the basis of having X & Y chromosomes to pick up on subtle hints. The employee manual says no personal use during working hours. Lunch = working hours? Hmm? HHHhhhmmmmMMMMMmmm????!!!!??!/1/


This reminds me of the time Crazy New Daddy changed his wife-beating ways: I put in my diary that I’d call the cops if I ever saw another bruise on Flaky Birth Mother. SHAZAM no more visible bruises!

It also reminds me of the commercials where they substituted the brand name coffee for whatever the other person was drinking. ::whispered announcer dude voice:: we’ve substituted blog posts for direct communication within the office. . . let’s see what happens . . .

Airgun/Pigeon Gun Update

I tried a few rounds of the Colibri in my .22 in the backyard and it is no louder than my pellet rifles, but it would require re-zeroing of the scope, and the local only ones have some silly rule about firearms in city limits, so I think I’ll stick with pellet guns.

I did note that the rifling in both pellet rifles’ barrels is pretty well worn down, probably from shooting a million BBs through each when I was a boy. Lesson learned. 😦

I have a Crosman 1389 “Backpacker” I hadn’t mentioned heretofore. It was doing pretty well until the pellet retainer in the swing-out breech disintegrated from age and use. I made up another one but the elastomer I used was too soft, so the retainer squished ovoid on me and accuracy suffered when the pellets started hitting the feedthroat at strange angles. I will probably try making another block from something harder. I also found out that, with a different barrel and a few other parts, I could possibly convert the Backpacker to .22, which would be a beautiful thing.

My Daisy 880 is a proven killer and I spent just over an hour this weekend deciding that my inherited Tasco 4×20 scope is faulty, and the 4×15 that came with the rifle is too dim. I put the Redfield 4×40 back on and it’s literally a night-and-day difference. Later, I took the Dasiy down to springs & pins and found out the reason the rifle doesn’t “suck” as hard with each pump as it used to do, is that the seals are just about shot.

That didn’t keep me from knocking a grackel off the fence with it! . . . and it went down into the neighbor’s yard. Oops. I hope their dog found it first. Either way, remember kids:

Shooting is Good Great Fun!

Un Freaking-Believable. Cap & Trade Our Jobs To China PASSED! BOO!

There are a total of 219 Fools and/or traitors whom YOU PEOPLE need to kick out of office in 2010 for trying to destroy your way of life.

Unless you can afford several thousands of dollars EVERY YEAR in additional TAXES for energy use, that is. Or maybe unless you like the idea of destroying more jobs than you create, and creating jobs only sustainable with hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars subsidies each, as long as they are in good industries. Good of course being dictated by the Obama government.

The kneecap our trade bill passed by FIVE FRIKKING VOTES!. That’s a multi-trillion dollar tax on YOU.

Still think your vote doesn’t matter? Fine, then [deleted] DON’T VOTE. Leave the voting to people who give a [deleted] what kind of a country their grandchildren grow up in. I shake my head as I think, maybe it would be better if we had the elections for President and Congress and Senate all on different days. Then maybe only the people who care would bother to vote.

I consider it the patriotic DUTY of all Americans to besiege the offices of their Senators, especially the Democrat and squishy moderate “Republican” ones. Light their phones up and tell them to vote NO on the cap & trade measure, AND say “or else I will donate money to the campaign of whoever runs against you, no matter who runs against you.” I think I’m going to have to agree with Tam on this one. Unless they are running on the Communist ticket, ANYONE is better than anybody who would vote for the Cap & Trade fiasco. ANYONE.

Disgusting. When do these people start getting shot? Not yet? Oh, okay, not yet. Let’s wait until the economy is undeniably WORSE THAN EVER, including worse than the economy in the post-civil war Southern states. Then? No? We don’t do that in America?

Oh well.


Vote for ME!

The Burden of The Valley of Vision, An Alternate Interpretation

While the meaning of the Burden of the Valley of Vision is widely disputed, most scholars will agree that the Valley of Vision is clearly another term for Jerusalem, Israel.

Now, understand please, Jerusalem is a very special city to God. He selected that place to be the location of the city he will make himself, from which to rule the world. God chose Jerusalem as the place where His people would worship Him, in the Temple. King David saw the destroying angel where he had stopped there, and according to God’s instruction built an altar on what was previously the threshingfloor of Araunah the Jebusite. It was there, on Mount Moriah, that Abraham was tested by God, and a sacrifice was made by Abraham.

So of course, Satan hates Jerusalem. His pride caused him to war against God, and he still wants to be worshiped as God, or to have men worship something else, ANYTHING ELSE, besides God. For the Devil to have his own puppet worshiped as God, in the temple at Jerusalem, would be a real treat.

It may be a surprise to you, but that is exactly what is going to happen.

Okay, what’s all that to do with the Burden of the Valley of Vision? Well maybe nothing maybe everything, but something occurred to me as I sat listening to the Pastor going over this Burden one night. They are on the housetops and joyous, and there is a great tumult in the city. Imagine the following scenario with me if you will:

The Dome of the Rock has somehow been destroyed. Maybe it was an earthquake, maybe a bomb, maybe a highly charismatic leader has persuaded the muslims to allow its removal. But it’s GONE. A new temple was built on the Temple Mount. The daily sacrifices of the Jews have been restored.

And a new leader has emerged on the world stage. It seems he is able to get all sorts of disputes resolved, including “peace in the middle east”. Almost everyone in the world LOVES this man. He is greeted like a rock star everywhere he goes. And he has gone to Jerusalem. The whole city is jubilant. Every window and rooftop along the route of his procession through the city is clogged with people wanting to see him! Every TV in the city is tuned to a constant, live, video feed of him as he goes through town. All eyes and hearts are turned to him. Thus:

What aileth thee now, that thou art wholly gone up to the housetops? Thou that art full of stirs, a tumultuous city, joyous city . . . “

His destination is the Jewish temple, on the Temple Mount, right where it belongs. His announcement is . . . unexpected. He wants to be the one you worship. The daily sacrifice is abolished (again).

A few old mens’ faces go pale. A few young mens’ faces go as red as olive skin can get. And they RUN out of the city, because they remember the admonition of our Christ:

. . . when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains: And let him that is on the housetop not go down into the house, neither enter therein, to take any thing out of his house: And let him that is in the field not turn back again for to take up his garment. But woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! And pray ye that your flight be not in the winter. For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be. And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved . . . .”


I know I am not the greatest biblical scholar out there, and this is probably full of holes, but what a scenario! What a dramatic fulfillment of prophecy it would be!

Oh, THAT’S Why My Car Is Warm Inside!

I had a temperature/humidity sensor to test here at work. I think yesterday was day 10 of 100+ degree temperatures in Central Texas with a record of 105ºF. My car said it was 108º on the highway Wednesday evening.

Anyhow, I took this thing outside and stood around in the shade until it stopped increasing very fast (100ºF 50%RH) and then set it on the concrete steps in the sun and waited. When I called off the test a few minutes later, the temperature was still rising, but pretty slowly.

What do you think? Could your child or animal survive very long in a locked car with the windows up in an environment like this?


Sure it’s dry heat. Dry like an oven. Even with a light wind, 20%RH is not enough to overcome 127ºF in the sun. Sorry, it’s just not.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the country, crops are in danger from the record cool temperatures and high rainfall, and the Socialists in Congress are trying to pass a several thousand-dollar PER YEAR tax on you to stave off glowbul wormening at the same time Australia, New Zealand, Czechoslovakia and Poland are looking to back off their own environment-saving scams schemes. Spain of course would like to back out of the Green Revolution (as it’s eating them alive) but they are too far into it to do so without political turmoil.

Call Your Elected Heroes

Congressman McCaul’s office chickie “Jennifer” said the Congressman is against the Kneecap our Trade bill up for vote today.

I know because I called my Congressman’s office to voice my opposition to a bill that is certain to drive us farther into this depression.

If you don’t have another couple of thousand dollars PER YEAR laying around for carbon emissions taxes, call your Elected Heroes NOW. Go to house.gov and look up their number.

Or else shut up about the collapse of America (as a world super-power) when it happens.