Hey NELS! Keep It On The Down Low Buddy!

It seems “they” found out I blog at lunch and sometimes during (required to be taken by Texas State law) breaks.

Uh, oh. Dang I guess using company computers for personal purposes at lunch is cause for political intrigue! Gee, that might be a problem if I wanted to take anybody’s job (instead of just doing what I do) or if I was unproductive (as opposed to a slow day when I have few things to do, or things that take a long time & keep my numbers down).

Maybe it would be a problem that I sometimes log into my personal email at work also. Except that I can’t use the company email service. . . . I can’t even ping the company email server from my computer, so it’s yahoo! or nothing.

Oh well. Like I said to a guy here who didn’t like me making noise (metalworking): want me to stop doing something? Say “please stop” and sit back and watch the magic. I’m not a woman and I refuse on the basis of having X & Y chromosomes to pick up on subtle hints. The employee manual says no personal use during working hours. Lunch = working hours? Hmm? HHHhhhmmmmMMMMMmmm????!!!!??!/1/


This reminds me of the time Crazy New Daddy changed his wife-beating ways: I put in my diary that I’d call the cops if I ever saw another bruise on Flaky Birth Mother. SHAZAM no more visible bruises!

It also reminds me of the commercials where they substituted the brand name coffee for whatever the other person was drinking. ::whispered announcer dude voice:: we’ve substituted blog posts for direct communication within the office. . . let’s see what happens . . .

3 thoughts on “Hey NELS! Keep It On The Down Low Buddy!

  1. Sorry buddy, just doing what I was told to do. In your defense I even brought up the possibility that you could be doing it during lunch or breaks.

  2. The plot thickens! This could be serious. . . I might actually have to (gasp) post from home only! The END OF THE WORLD!!!1!!A little birdie told me there was discussion about the blog and then IT Dude says he has done some unspecified thing. . . further (avoidance of direct question asking to the people who should be talking to me face-to-face whilst) investigating is obviously called for here.What a bunch of women. If somebody has a problem with something I do, why wouldn't they be up-front about it and say "hey cheesedick cut out the non-business computery chit-chat jazz on work computers."Then I say "dur, okay!" and there you go, problem solved! Unless . . . hmmm. . . it's almost like working for a big company, what with all the drama & intrigues & whatnot, without the nice benefits package and, you know, bigness of company.

  3. Also, you know your company has come a long way from "we sell trash from the curb found on bulk pickup days" when you sail right through "JJ's watching XXXPornVideos.com again" all the way to "let's monitor computer use because management noticed a productivity slowdown of 0.034%"

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