Un Freaking-Believable. Cap & Trade Our Jobs To China PASSED! BOO!

There are a total of 219 Fools and/or traitors whom YOU PEOPLE need to kick out of office in 2010 for trying to destroy your way of life.

Unless you can afford several thousands of dollars EVERY YEAR in additional TAXES for energy use, that is. Or maybe unless you like the idea of destroying more jobs than you create, and creating jobs only sustainable with hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars subsidies each, as long as they are in good industries. Good of course being dictated by the Obama government.

The kneecap our trade bill passed by FIVE FRIKKING VOTES!. That’s a multi-trillion dollar tax on YOU.

Still think your vote doesn’t matter? Fine, then [deleted] DON’T VOTE. Leave the voting to people who give a [deleted] what kind of a country their grandchildren grow up in. I shake my head as I think, maybe it would be better if we had the elections for President and Congress and Senate all on different days. Then maybe only the people who care would bother to vote.

I consider it the patriotic DUTY of all Americans to besiege the offices of their Senators, especially the Democrat and squishy moderate “Republican” ones. Light their phones up and tell them to vote NO on the cap & trade measure, AND say “or else I will donate money to the campaign of whoever runs against you, no matter who runs against you.” I think I’m going to have to agree with Tam on this one. Unless they are running on the Communist ticket, ANYONE is better than anybody who would vote for the Cap & Trade fiasco. ANYONE.

Disgusting. When do these people start getting shot? Not yet? Oh, okay, not yet. Let’s wait until the economy is undeniably WORSE THAN EVER, including worse than the economy in the post-civil war Southern states. Then? No? We don’t do that in America?

Oh well.


Vote for ME!

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