CAMPO & CAPMETRO Leftist Failure Continues.

The geniuses at CAMPO are going to try to use Federal stimulus money to cover a Capital Metro budget shortfall. They are also talking about cutting some services that statistically nobody uses.

The alternative to using your grandchildrens’ money to fund the city buses in Austin? Charging higher fares to the people who are actually USING the bus. Savage was right. Liberalism IS a mental disorder.

In related news, because unions are about union dues coming in to the coffers and not the greater good, the driver and service union thugs are protesting cutting nonessential services that nobody uses, even though we are borrowing money to pay for them.

Source: the radio news on the way to work today.

My Blood: Mine!

The Day Has Come. I mentioned before that the Texas Senate had passed a morally EVIL law allowing blood draws without all the old “medical freedom, personal liberty, and anti-self-incrimination” hoops being jumped through.

Tomorrow, this law goes into effect.

I fully anticipate never having my blood drawn by a police officer, because I follow the laws on the road, including not drinking and driving. If the police wanted a breathalyzer test from me, it would probably be for a pretty good reason (most likely involving a sketchy wreck). That’s probable cause, and 100% of the time I would be scot-free because I N.E.V.E.R drink and drive (not being a f*cking idiot).


If some police officer got a wild hair and wanted to take my blood, it would almost certainly require the assistance of a Tazer or several other officers all at once. Also, some new pieces of paper would be handed to a judge with my name on them. They would have fun vocabulary words like “resisting” “failure” and “assaulting.” As I mentioned in my previous post, the ACLU would probably help me to give them some papers too, with fun phrases like “under color of law.”

For the most part, all the same arguments will be directly applicable to lifting fingerprints from my fingers without my consent, via the new (and Jackboot Thug of Oppression Approved) Blue Check fingerprinting system. Lift them from something I touched, if you can. Try to get my fingers on your sensor, and there’s a fight about to jump off.

You Statist Bastards.

Back In Black!

The company where I work had its first unprofitable quarter EVER, Q408. Sales picked up slightly, a bit of “dead weight” was trimmed (not me, thanks God) and we got a few new contracts & busniess models online.

We are far enough out of the red ink to announce it to the whole company. Thank God. I REALLY didn’t want to have to look for a new job in the middle of a depression.

There Is No Way.

I would not submit to life in a ghetto.
I would not submit to arrest.
I would not get on a boxcar, train, plane, or in a truck or car.
I would not obey instructions when I got to camp.
I would not follow the yellow line.
I would not obey guards’ orders.

I would f*cking not crawl into a standing cell, especially if I knew I would be left there to die, standing with three other innocent men.

I might die on my feet, but only if the bullet catches my brain just right.
You won’t find me dead with my hands bound or face covered, either, unless a tazer or tranquilizer were involved.
If I’m going to be killed by my government, it will be as a free man, fighting against it.

National Socialst party slogan: “We won’t do it again, this time, we promise.”


2 Promises to all persons, everywhere: 1: If you say, in my hearing, that the holocaust never happened, I will punch you as hard as I can, in the mouth, if I can reach it. 2: If you are joking, you will be made to take it back. Forcibly, if required, see item 1, above.

Rachel Lucas Visited Oswiecim. Read This.

You will read this. It is mandatory.

Be sitting down, by yourself, in a quiet place, when you read it.

In 60 years, if you want people to read about your hometown in posts like that, stop arguing about politics and just go along with what the President wants. He is the President after all, and it could never happen here.

with apologies to the author of the blog where I found this, I was just blogrollwandering and this blew your name right of my mind.

Shoulda Just Stayed In Bed Today.

VFD: 1x cut finger, 1x puncture wound to scalp
Darling Wife: 2x places where a new supportive undergarment pretended to be sandpaper on an 8 mile jog
#1: 2x toes shut in the door from the house to the garage, 1x eye with sawdust in it
#2: 1x eye with dirt in it
#3: 6x hard falls, half landing on the head, 1x split lip, 1x molar coming in

Well, it’s naptime now. We’ll see if we manage to live out the day afterwards.

After-Action Report: 28 August 2009

I was cleaning out my garage and opened the door so I could haul out some trash. I worked for a while and then I thought I’d go check on the trees over my car. Loaded with Rattus Volantus. Feeling charitable, I went and got some 3/4″ “gravel” from beside the sidewalk and tossed stones to scare away a couple of the birds. Some wouldn’t scare. I got a pole saw and poked a big limb, and three more flushed. Then I saw one right over my headlight that wouldn’t spook.

Okay, if you’re that deep of a sleeper, or that stupid, you’re toast. I went and loaded up, found him again, took careful aim, and fired.

Nothing happened.

I was standing there for a half-tick, beginning to wonder if I had somehow missed, when I heard a rustle, a couple of thuds, and the bird came out from the boughs and plop fell about a foot away from the front-driver’s side corner of my car. DRT. My ballistics team told me he took the pellet in the breast, through the spine and probably something else important, and the exit wound was on the left side of the neck. I tossed him in the storm drain where the neighborhood cats take refuge from passers-by.

I went back in and kept working for a while and decided to to another sweep. Sure enough, there was one more up there. I propped up my flashlight so it shone directly on the bird’s underside and went and loaded up. The shot sounded like a thunderclap, which means it broke some thick feathers; the bird flew off. Good riddance. As I picked up my torch, I noted that it was (directly under the bird) on top of a little pile of poo. Gee, I wonder who put those there . . .

Good Job Congress, You JERKS.

Methamphetamine can now be made in small batches, in less than a day, with an amount of pseudoephedrine you can buy legally. That would be, instead of over the course of several days, with an amount Congress prohibited* severe allergy sufferers from legally obtaining.

Thanks guys. Way to be helpful. Is anyone going to rescind the stupid law now? No? Going to make the law more strict? Maybe? Okay I’ll just go see if American Idol is on and be quiet then.

*PDF file warning