Such A Hard Life.

When we explained that we want to change the carpet in our house, #1 was in tears. She likes the carpet!

With all the problems in the world, the only one she has to cry about is the carpet in her parents’ house. Poor thing, she has it so rough! Where did I put that little violin?

I think a large part of the problem is that it was also nap time after a hard day of playing in the back yard. I hope she survives!

This Must Get Much Worse

. . . Before it gets better.

It occurred to me just now that there is only one answer to the creeping sharia spreading like cancer throughout the civilized world.

The only way to stop this sort of activity is with machine guns. The government will never do it, so it would have to be private machine guns.

That’s right, you read it correctly. The only way to prevent our being forced into submission is to fight back. Either we will wake the F up at the ballot box and demand the petty tyrants .gov agency bureaucrats observe some damn common sense, or we will need private armies to murder men, women, and children in the streets, for their attempts to subjugate us to their fake, made up religion.

But, as the lesson of the crusades teaches us, when we finally get around to slaughtering whole muslim towns and kill them like they would like to do to us, they wind up not trying to subjugate the entire world for a few centuries.

We’re not there yet.

If you don’t want to see America go the way of UK in tolerating Islam and no other religions, you need to wake up and get involved before it is too late.*


*It may already be too late.

Private "Healthcare" Death Panels!

I have been hearing an awful lot of people with pre-existing conditions and/or soft brains, whining about how the evil rich insurance companies with their 2% profit margins are denying their claims for payment for medical care. They are saying “there are already death panels . . . in the insurance companies!”

1) which would you rather trust: a private company with a 4% to 6% claim refusal rate, or the people currently running the insurance company with the highest refusal rate of all 1,300-odd insurers in America (at 8%, Medicare), the Federal Government?
2) if there weren’t so many deep insurance company and .gov (taxpayer) pockets to pay increasingly-large health care bills, a situation brought about in no small part by government intervention in the medical industry . . . that is to say, if you had to pay for your own medical care:
a) it would be WAY cheaper
b) you would be your OWN death panel!


Consider. If you were faced with the choice of either losing 6 months off the end of your life, or putting your own wife and children $100,000 into debt and still dying six months later, would you still demand that chemotherapy? Would you burden your own family with that debt?

Consider. The government AND the insurance company are taking money that would otherwise be going to my wife and kids, to pay for your health care, but you have no problem demanding that the mean ol’ health care insurer and/or the taxpayer (medicare) provide you with that same chemotherapy at a cost of $100,000.

. . but . . .

(I know, I’m a jerk)

. . . you should

If your insurance agent didn’t have the call to make, between profitability and your care
If your government agency didn’t have the call to make, between your care and your society’s budget
If the choice were on you to decide whether or not YOU would pay for your care, or die . . .

You would be your private death panel.

Passive-Agressive Spanish Speaking*

Someone who has been in America for longer than six months, and they can’t even get by with some pidgin English, is acting out in passive aggression against America and/or Americans, and expressing their own self-loathing. If a woman drags along her husband to translate everywhere she goes, and she has been here for years, not only is she thumbing her nose at YOU, but he is letting her run him, as well.

This is America. Spik Eengrish, at least, for crying out loud!

*Or any other language. There is a whole long train of thought leading up to these conclusions. Trust me, my logic is irrefutable(!).

Fat (Morbidly Obese) Preachers: WTF?!

I know I am being mean and uncharitable here, and my prejudice is showing, but . . .


How are you supposed to be a moral guide to the people and show them the way, and yet yourself are morbidly obese? These days, knowing as we do the dangers and causes of being overfat, what does it say to the children in your church, for you to be a tubbo lard? Sure you talk a good game and maybe you even walk the walk . . . but you are fat.

Would you (my dear readers) trust with your own soul’s eternal fate a preacher who smoked? How about a preacher who spends every night drunk? One should likewise treat a fatass preacher!

Look, I know everyone has his own pet sin, but I don’t wear a sandwich board everywhere I go, announcing I have a gay midget lobster porn website for transsexuals* into church to deliver a message to my flock!

You like pie? Tough. Skip it. Lose a hundred pounds, then tell me again to love my brother.


*I don’t actually, have such a website, but I probably wouldn’t wear a billboard announcing it, in church, if I did. Also, this is pretty sure to drive up the hit counter from some serious perv’s hitting me up on the search engine. Oh well.

CO2 Bogeyman Shot Smack Between The Eyes

Moonbattery links to an article discussing a study by some physicists proving that Anthropogenic (read: caused by white men) Global Warming due to increasing CO2 emissions not only isn’t happening, it can’t, on account of the physics.

Skeptical of the possible source, I clicked through the links. The study is hosted at the Cornell University Library archives. The radicals!

Global Warming/Climate Change believers: NOW will you admit you are wrong?

Back to the GWOT

You may recall that we as a nation went from “lame” fighting a Global War On Terror, to “downright suicidally-stupid,” fighting Overseas Contingency Actions to prevent Man-Caused Disasters.

Well, Bush has been out for a year so we can’t blame him for everything anymore. It’s pretty obvious from all reports that this cat who tried to blow up an airliner this Christmas was a ‘mooj’ and nobody doesn’t know it. . .

So now, the War On Terror is apparently back (for now). We are acting very quickly to shut the bag after the cat is out, and we’ll be searching everyone’s navel and other places where the sun doesn’t shine, for having the temerity to get on an airplane today. Gibbs made mention of the once-forbidden term “War On Terror” in a press conference earlier. Just now, during Obama’s big press conference the President said it was an “attempted act of terrorism”

Bonus points for Janet “Swine Flu” Napolitano, who was widely reported Yesterday as saying that “the system worked,” which of course was “taken out of context.” She meant the stuff that happens after an attack worked great, but the system to prevent an attack, you were supposed to know by instinct she meant that stuff “failed miserably.” You know, the stuff you are spending brazillions of dollars and sacrificing your dignity at the airport for? Yeah, THAT failed.

Incompetence. Bungling incompetence and largely-benign Bush-hatred. That’s what I like to think about the current New Boss and all their actions. That is to say, our country may very well fall due to bungling incompetence and the Good Intentions of people who were elected on the basis of a (cult of) personality contest between a stick in the mud and a BLACK GUY!!!!1!

Double Facepalm

Sure, Why Not: Butterfly Trigger for AR-15 / M-16

Walk around with gun people long enough and you will trip over something strange.

Image from DSA.

Love shooting with your butterfly trigger but can’t afford .50BMG to feed your favorite Ma Deuce? Why, pull that high-powered machine gun off the mount and slap your poodle shooter up there instead!

From KNS Precision who will have a devoted fanboy following for this product in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

This Is A Shell Game.

They want to steal your liberty. The immediate, obvious way to do that right now is by controlling your life through “health” regulations, with which you must comply because they hold the purse strings to pay your doctor.

The communists Democrats in Congress want to pass a “healthcare” bill so badly that they can taste it. Don’t be fooled by talk of giving up on the government-run “public” “option.” They can always amend it in to the bill as part of a post-office renaming bill or a defense spending bill, if they don’t get it this time around.

What? You don’t think they would? See if they don’t!

P.S. whatever happened to the scruples? What happened to your principled demand for a single-payer system? Like all the rest of your ‘principles’ it has gone down the toilet, when it looks like you might lose the whole thing. You jerks.