This is The Thesis.

The ACLU, the Republican Senators, and everyone who believes the Bible (especially Revelation) is true, are against the new Democrat-led push for a biometric National ID card for everyone who wants to work in the USA.

This is part of their certain-to-be-terrible upcoming immigration reform push. Nevermind Obama’s assertion that immigration reform is not on the front burner. It is still a very high priority agenda item. It is almost certain that the ID requirement will be dropped.

Democrat Thesis: dysfunctional immigration reforms WITH biometric national worker ID card
Republican Antithesis: No ID card or else nothing
Democrat Thesis: okay if you insist, just dysfunctional immigration reform then!

Stay on your toes. November (and then January) can’t come soon enough. God help us when the Democrat lame duck session hits in December. Thank God for Scott Brown’s #41.

Well Isn’t That Convenient.

President Obama is not a fan of icky ol’ petroleum fuels. If he could prevent it, Obama would probably love to be able to prevent further drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

For decades now we have been drilling in the gulf to retrieve it without major incident. We have no idea what happened, specifically including an uncertainty about sabotage.

. . . but PresBHO wants to ban future oil leases in the gulf until safeguards are in place to prevent whatever happened, from happening again.

. . . that is, leases for American companies. China, Russia, you guys can drill out there, whatever. Americans, feel free to pay extra for the luxury of having your enemies drill your oil for you.

Austin to Boycott Arizona?

Based on flawed thinking and a basic misunderstanding of the issue (no surprise for an action by Austin City Council), the Mayor Pro-Tem of Austin was said to be considering a ban on the City having anything to do with racist ol’ Arizona in protest of Arizona’s highly effective anti-ILLEGAL immigration law.

I would say it was time to write Martinez a letter saying I was going to boycott Austin because of this. But then, I already encourage everyone to boycott Austin because of so many things it wouldn’t really be much of a threat . . . .

[deleted] I Think This Might Be Enough (hand) Gun.

There is a very old saying, “handguns are handguns, and rifles are rifles” You will never hold a pistol for two shots, that will deliver 12,000ft-lbs of energy on a target a mile away, like you can get from some high-powered rifles. Pistols are a low-power emergency tool.

They start out at the .25ACP which will moderately annoy a pigeon.
You go all the way up to the .45ACP in guns in common use, that will put a serious hurt on a man.
Then you get into a gray area of “well, some lower-powered rifles aren’t as powerful as these pistol rounds” like the .44 Magnum.

Then you jump a few steps and get a Wild West Springfield XD Tactical conversion kit for the .460 Rowland cartridge. 14 rounds of nearly-a-thousand-foot-pounds-each Major class pistol goodness.

Shoot it once, and you’ll probably say “goodness” about the recoil. Down a brown bear with a few of them, and you’ll be glad you paid the extra $350 (plus ammunition) to get a regular pistol-sized magnum-power pistol.

It’s almost enough to make me want an XD. Hat tip to The Firearm Blog.

Quote of the Day 04/29/2010

The quote of the day is marked with an asterisk, given below in context.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger: (after calling a woman bitchy and hearing it bounce off the woman’s skull) You know what, I’m not going to reach you, and the only person I feel sorry for is your husband.
Husband: (exasperated, in background on speakerphone): “Thank you!”*
Woman: (still not listening) Okay . . .

Lies: A Bad Way To Start A Campaign

We need Charlie Crist for Senator from Florida instead of Marco Rubio like we need Obama for President.

I heard Crist say in a recent interview, “I’m running as a Republican . . . .” and the interviewer sought to clarify: “You are saying you will not run under the “no party affiliation”” ballot? Crist said “That’s right.”

Then a Conservative showed up, ran as a conservative, and kicked Crist off the Republican ticket via the popular vote. Crist, however, is more about Crist than about the will of the People of Florida, so he is now breaking his word and running as a 3rd party spoiler candidate. If he has to lie before even beginning a run for office, why vote for him?

If we end up with a Republican in that seat, blame Crist. If you don’t want that to happen, and you can spare a few credits, Please donate to the candidacy of Marco Rubio!

Like Another Hole In The Head.

That’s how badly we need a 51st State in the United States. Especially another non-contiguous one with such a vastly different culture. But at least they may finally get a chance to have their say. The Republican gestures to try to hang conditions on the vote seem misguided and silly to me. If they vote to become a State, the Constitution and Federal laws will apply willy-nilly, just like in the rest of the Union. My preference is that they should be a sovereign nation.

Puerto Rico for Puerto Ricans. Viva Independencia!

They Are Violent Because They Know They Are Wrong

Terrorist and Obama BFF Bill Ayers delivered a speech over the objections of the shool who was hosting it and had canceled it due to security fears. It went fine.


So leftists can speak and nothing happens, but let a right-winger speak (Ann Coulter comes to mind) and the leftist kook fringe throws things at them.

At the tea parties, there was no violence from the tea partiers. What violence there was, came from SEIU thugs and other Statists, and was quickly and roundly denounced by the tea partiers.

In the immigration reform debate a couple of years ago, there was no violence. Your alphabet news channel didn’t cover it, but the pro-illegals had a “small riot” during a protest against the bill in Arizona, before it became law.

In a debate where one side is intellectually inferior as well as wrong, and the minds of the persons involved are too weak to stand being defeated with mere words, that side may be prone to violence. The other side, smarter and correct, needs only to stand on the truth of its position, even when the other side is speaking.


By the way, if you were listening to Savage yesterday, he gave us a dramatic example of this. After a caller (“an academic”) was repeatedly rebuffed in his attempt to change the topic when his points were refuted, Savage poked two big holes in his mind by changing the topic twice in fast succession, proving his points both times. The caller then went from civil to ad hominem viciousness in an instant. I LOL’d at him, and found a new way to peel back the mask from a small-minded opponent in a debate.

Dreams Come In Packs Sometimes.

I had a dream this morning. It was pleasant, but none of the circumstances in it had ever applied to my life simultaneously in real life. It was a dream, and you know how dream plot lines can twist themselves. I woke up and #1 was crying from a bad dream she had.

Sometimes it happens that I will wake up from an evil dream, at the same time that one or more of the other members of my hold awakes from an evil dream, sometimes with them crying. I think that sometimes something nasty might be passing by (spirit, animal, weather, or human) that spreads its influence all the way into our home. I couldn’t give a better definition than that without writing a multi-page thesis I think, and if you got what I meant, you know what I mean.

But isn’t it an odd thing for the American mind to consider, that we might have bad dreams at the same time, influenced by the same force? I wonder if our neighbors’ homes are likewise affected simultaneously . . .