Hydrogen From Seawater

A new catalyst has been discovered that allows a 70x-cheaper (than platinum) way to make hydrogen gas from water. And it can be dirty water. Actually, it looks like they can use this new material to make H2 straight from SEAWATER.

That, plus a few nulear reactors, and the world’s energy needs are pretty much in the bag.

I May End Up With Good Teeth, Yet!

If you don’t have huge, gaping holes in your teeth left by years of military substandard dental care after a lifetime of substandard nutrition, you will be less thrilled by this than I was.

In the future, you may be able to grow your own teeth. New teeth. Not your adult teeth, after the baby teeth fall out. new teeth, instead of implants to replace adult teeth gone bad.

I’ll take (at least) TWO!

The Mark Of The Beast Goes Viral

Any sort of credit or identity document that is not a part of a person’s body can be forged or lost/stolen. Any biometric identifier can be faked. The only secure solution for identity and payment documents is an implanted chip.

When it’s getting right near the end of time, the people of the world will be clamoring for such a system. A cashless society will arise.

And it will STILL not be secure!

A man proved a point in a huge way, but it will be ignored when that time comes. A computer system was infected with a computer virus. The computer virus was made by him. It was in a microchip implant, in himself. He infected the computer simply by being in close proximity to it.

How would you like for the whole system to come crashing down, because someone walked by a scanner? Maybe the banking system collapses after the hacker pays for a dental check-up. Maybe a prisoner is checked into jail and all the doors are opened. The potential for mayhem is very nearly limitless. This is yet one more reason why you should NOT trust implanted identification or payment options.

But this warning will go unheeded.

Do You Like Having Less Free Money?

Then be sure to NOT contact your Senator.

The House has passed a bill that would quadruple the taxes you pay for every barrel of oil. The idea is to make YOU pay more, for cleanup funds in case a PRIVATE COMPANY has a spill.

Here’s my idea: let the private company suffer financial ruin cleaning up their own messes, and someone else will still be going to get the oil out of the ground.

If this bill passes then John Q Public will have the cost of literally everything increased on him, with no corresponding increase in benefit from the government or pay from his employer. This is not good for a faltering economy, in case you were wondering, but that’s not the point.

It’s a power grab, to get more of your life from you (in the form of tax dollars). Poof! and the money is gone to Washington.

“You’d think they’d be saying ‘Thank you'”

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”

Predator Drone Crews To Be Prosecuted?

The Fifth Column is hard at work. In a place where we KNOW our enemies hide behind women and children, an attack was made on a convoy with armed men on board. The Predator crew who called it are being thrown under the bus. What do you want, to send foot patrols to be mowed down, instead of sending drones out? There is no real alternative unless you want to move the decimal in the price tag several places to the right.

If we are not willing to fight the enemy, why are we there?

Topkill Failed Wednesday Night?

BP says they’re going to try something different, a variant on the theme. Naked Capitalism hypothesizes that BP is merely putting a brave face on, and will be announcing a total failure of the top kill procedure late tonight or tomorrow, after the Annointed One gets out of the region.

Reading the comments doesn’t make one feel better . . . a claim of NO prospect of stopping the flow until a relief well is drilled and online, MONTHS from now. I expect they would keep trying, but oy.

I’m not an oil engineer, but this sucks. I’m thinking a big clamp-on pipe and you start sucking whatever comes out of the pipe in the seabed, through a new fitting clamped over the old broken pipe. Then you run some ships around sucking up the undersea rivers of oil, trying to get it all before it is washed up on shore as part of a storm surge in a hurricane.

Bill Clinton To Not Pass Go, Collect $200?

The answer to my question is apparently none other than William Jefferson the Impeached. He was the courier for Rahm’s offer of giving Sestak the post of SecNav in exchange for quitting his bid for Senate. Rahm is hiding in Israel until this blows over, or at least you get some beer and bar-b-q in you and you forget about it a little bit.

So that’ll be Jim Messina sharing a cell with Bill Clinton then eh? No, they’re not a flight risk. In fact, they didn’t even mean anything by it . . . we’ll just give them a warning, shall we?

One might think an allegation of this nature could damage Hillary’s prospects at a run for the Presidency, but then one would be forgetting the shameless nature of the persons involved. One would also be forgetting that the current President is the least suited candidate for the office ever to hold it, but hold it he does.

Movie Reivew: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

A co-worker recommended this movie as very funny and a ‘have to watch.’

It was only temporary but I think I lost a few IQ points while I watched 20 minutes of this film (the first 15 minutes, then some copious amounts of fast-forwarding). It was not only stupid, but not even stupid in a funny way. It’s a good thing I was doing other stuff when the film was playing, otherwise I doubt I would have made it 5 minutes in.

If you like people being stupid, saying “fuck” every third word, and potty-joke levels of humor in your movies, have a go. If you are a typical government high school student you’ll love it. Terrible movie.

The guy who recommended it came over to watch a couple of minutes over my shoulder. While I was rolling my eyes and/or shaking my head, he was laughing. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

Movie Review: Hotel Rwanda (2004)

The story of a [deleted] up situation, created by racism and the spirit of empire. The situation was resolved satisfactorily due to the courage, persistence, and cleverness of the hero.

It’s a true story. He might tell you otherwise, but Paul Rusesabagina is a true hero.

Worth the time to watch. Not always easy to watch. Not for children, pregnant or nursing women, or the faint of heart. Good work by Terry George et al.