Where Incompetence And Radicalism Meet: The White House

Larry Kudlow was on Laura Ingraham’s show today and he said that he thinks the charge of Incompetence against the senior officials in President Obama’s White House sticks. She said what was worse than their sheer incompetence is their radical policy ideas. I am not sure if she missed the point, but she didn’t come out and say it so I will:

The two go hand in hand.

If Obama’s top advisers were competent to do their jobs, they would know that what can’t work, will not work. But it also takes competence to be competent (duh?) so they literally can’t realize that their idea will never work no matter how hard they try to Do It HARDER!

I like to try to avoid conspiracy theories until proved wrong. It seems to me that they are paving the road forward (to they know not where) with yellow bricks made of Good Intentions. I hope that we can hang on to the Republic until they are thrown out of power.

I Hope They Bring Cameras.

The press in the US has been effectively kicked out of the gulf coastal region. No pictures. No writing. No AIRCRAFT on which either could happen, or both at once. Why? Because Obama knows this oil spill is political murder on him, because he sucked at the whole thing since Day #9.

Finally, 70 days later, he has agreed to allow 12 foreign nations and private companies who were champing at the bit to help with the cleanup, to come clean up. No word on what conditions they might be required to meet to join the club. Also no word on what countries are being “allowed” in to help.

Why wouldn’t they tell us what countries are going to come help the cleanup?

Because shut up that’s why.

At any rate, I sincerely hope that we start getting some grainy-as-heck cell phone video of pelicans covered in oil and miles, miles, and miles of oil slicks on the sea and the beach, posted to Youtube, by the crewmen of the ships coming in to help with the cleanup.

Why would you want to see that?

Because Barry doesn’t want you to. That he’s against it is almost reason enough to be for it. Nevermind that if it were Bush, it would be a)Bush’s fault and b) a violation of the Public’s Right to KNOW!!!1! that he imposed a no-fly zone over the Gulf, and is not allowing reporters in to report what’s (not) being done.

Physical Security At The Gas Pump

~or, Just Another Part of Living in Condition Yellow~

When pumping gas into your hot rod, do not put the fuel hose between you and the (unlocked, please) door of your car. If you need to get in the car in a hurry, that’s a trip hazard (or a delay) waiting to bite you.

When looking for a new car, consider that if the fuel door is on the opposite side from the driver’s door, that is one more thing you have working against you in a race to the driver’s seat.

Not that it will necessarily ever matter, but you will be glad you were in the habit, if it ever did. . . .

McDonald Decision Delivered.

Talk about a mixed bag. So we get the 2nd Amendment incorporated under the 14th against the several States as well as the Federal government. That’s good as far as it goes, but (like the first amendment) now we will have decades of lawsuits to decide just how far they can restrict your right to arm yourself without being unconstitutional. Well, thanks God for even so much.


Last night I caught about two minutes of a “world’s worst drivers” type TV show. In one case, a policeman was in hot pursuit of a speeder on surface streets, on a three lane road with a wide median and then another three lanes going the other way. The policeman was flying down the #2 lane. A car emerged from a street on the right side with the intent to cross over to the oncoming lanes through the median. Then the driver saw a police car coming, lights and sirens blazing. The driver’s sheep instincts kicked in before their brains did, and the camera picks up a cloud of tire smoke from the #3 lane as the car comes to a dead STOP right in the #2 lane . . . smack in the path of the oncoming police cruiser. The cop swerved, but didn’t have time to avoid the car entirely. The driver would have been dead, T-boned by the bull bar on the front of the policemobile, but for the quick reactions of this policeman. As it is, the police car picked up the corner of the sheep’s car, and rolled. The in-car video recording had the audio from the officer “been involved in a collision” calling back to his dispatcher. My Darling Wife and I roundly criticized the idiot driver who stopped straight in front of the oncoming policeman.

Then, this morning on the way to work, I almost replayed the whole scene! On a road with two lanes, a left turning lane, and two oncoming lanes. I was in the #1 lane, and a minivan pulled out of a parking lot on the right, with the aim of turning left. Did the car turn into the left turning lane? No, that would be reasonable. The car STOPPED in the #1 lane in a 50MPH zone, waiting for a gap to clear in traffic before entering the turning lane!. Fortunately for all involved, I was going 1/3 the speed of the aforementioned policeman, and laid on the horn for about 50 yards as I hit the brakes. This was enough warning for the vintage driver to get all but the last couple of feet of his minivan into the left turning lane. That would be, STILL instead of pulling into the #1 lane of oncoming traffic, where there was a gap left for him already by the courteous drivers going the other way. The pickup truck beside me in the #2 lane saw a train wreck coming and slowed down to give me room. I didn’t need it because the VFDmobile is pretty narrow, but it was nice to have the clearance.

Why.In.The.WORLD would you STOP in lanes of traffic when there is a left turning lane available for you to cross into? This can get you KILLED DEAD, people! Unless you want to be this guy, keep moving until you are no longer in the path of oncoming traffic!

Don’t be that guy

Bombs. Time for Bombs.

Well . . . not quite time for bombs. It’s getting to the point of Something Must Be Done, anyhow. This is America. You can’t run national politics like you run Chicago politics, and you can’t run border town police men like you do down there.

The drug cartels run Mexico. We understand that and don’t like it. We really don’t like how the Presidente de Mexico is trying to disarm the civilians in America because he can’t crack down on crime in his own country. After I am elected President, the conversation may* go something like this:


President VFD: Hey Calderon, I’ve got a deal for you.

Presidente Calderon: Que tal, VFD?

President VFD: We’re going to send two divisions to Matamoros. We’re going to kick ass, take names, and hold the city with a regiment, then move on to Reynosa. Once we get all the way to Tijuana, we’re going to push South until we get to Puerto de San Bonito or thereabouts. During this time, we’ll be giving free arms to everyone who will take an oath of loyalty to the government of Mexico, and teaching them how to use them. Cash bounties will be put on the heads of major drug lords, and small-time dealers, smugglers, mules, and other traffickers will be shot on the spot. Corrupt local and federal policemen in cahoots with the drug gangs will be hanged in the town square of their jurisdictions. Then we’ll leave, and God help you if you try to disarm all those Mexicans we just gave guns to.

Presidente Calderon: . . .

President VFD: Then, if you let the drug cartels take over your country again, we’re going to steamroll through again and just annex it all the way to Guatemala. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, but not necessarily required. Oh, and we’ll be appropriating fuel from your refineries down there to operate our vehicles with it. Y’all have a nice day now!

*or not. You sometimes have to use a little more politically-correct speech with foreign dignitaries.

The whole situation is so unnecessary, but their culture was built up on different religious roots than ours. Mexico should by rights be a prosperous first-world economy, with their mineral resources and tourist attractions, and vast pools of willing low- and semi-skilled labor. Instead, you have drug cartels running gun wars in the streets and corrupt politicians from top to bottom preventing any real reforms. It’s a real pity, but what are you going to do?

BP Is Not As Evil As Citgo

The gas station on your way to work with a BP logo is almost certainly not owned by BP. The gas station on your way to work with a Citgo logo is almost certainly not owned by Venezuela. They are both very likely to be owned by a small business person who wears their company colors and buys gas from them. The person running the store is not responsible for the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The person running the store is not responsible for the tyranny of the people of Venezuela.


That part of the money the BP store owner pays to BP goes toward a capitalist concern. That money paid by Citgo store owners to Venezuelo goes toward a socialist concern. Would you rather support Capitalism or Socialism?

Then why are Citgo stores seeing an increase in revenue, and BP stores seeing a decrease? Because people refuse to think. If BP lets their chain retailers cut the price of a gallon of gasoline, I sincerely hope you will be a good Capitalist and go to the place you get the lower price.

If, that is, you have not already found that you get better fuel economy from a different station’s product. Then you’ll have to do the maths.

Stand By For The Liberty Grenade.

Over at Naked Capitalism, they are not at all impressed with the financial industry “reform” bill which has just passed. The general consensus seems to be that not a whole lot of anything has changed for the banking industry. This leaves me with one question:

What is it in the bill which will partially destroy the liberty of the individual but leave the largest and worst of the banksters largely intact? When it is found out, it will likely be very onerous indeed, and don’t be surprised to find it has been set up so it is very nearly impossible to excise. It seems to me that either protecting the largest of the banks, and/or stealing your liberty, are the only things that might be accomplished by this bill. We’ll see.

Paper Airplanes = Good Times

I just spent the better part of an hour making paper airplanes with #2.

He has been making a simple type I had showed him previously, in large volume. There were at least 4 of them made yesterday alone. I found a book my parents purchased for me when I was a boy, which describes in great detail how to fold a half dozen different varieties of paper airplanes. We made three types together, with me showing on my paper, then helping/showing him how to fold his. There are now at least 10 paper airplanes scattered about. I am about sick of folding paper airplanes for a while, but nobody tell him that. Some things you just have to do until you are done.

As Dr. Laura says: Kids spell love “t-i-m-e.”

Quote of The Day 26 June 2010

Yeah, I almost got a real bad splinter in my kidney. -Me

I was telling one of my friends to not lean back in a chair in which he was leaning back. That particular type of chair is so made that the back legs tend to split and break, in such a way that a person falling on the broken chair in which they used to be sitting, might be stabbed in the back by the broken leg. It’s very nasty, potentially, but as you could tell if you had been there, it makes for some pretty funny jokes.