Just Tripping Along On Cruise Control

There was a movie a while back about a guy who was given a remote control for his life. One of the big plot twists came when he realized that, having fast-forwarded to the interesting bits, he had missed out on the daily life of his family and his body was living a mindless existence without him meaningfully guiding it.

Fatigue means not doing even all the basic household chores some days. We refer to it as “blah” and that’s all the description necessary on a “blah” day because we both feel it. So it turns out, you need to get more than 1-hour naps several times a night, in order to feel alert and perform optimally. Who’d’a thunk it?


The Recognition Phase, Round Two

Mainstream economists are starting to recognize that the Great Recession is back on. Now Mish is confirming my gut instinct has been correct all along:

“…in light of today’s GDP report sporting 3 Years of Massive Downward GDP Revisions it is becoming increasingly likely that the recession that started in 2007 never ended.”

“It got less-bad-looking for a while, and then fell down again” will be the theme of reporting going forward, beginning in a few months from now. If the government continues to [deleted] it up, it will be “and stayed down for n years.” where n is at least one more than the government was trying to “stimulate” a recovery.

Bureau of Economic Activity "Advance" Q3 2010 Estimate To Be Delayed?

~or, I Don’t Put It Past Them ~

Mish quotes an article on the way to making a different point, but catch this: ” . . . the BEA’s “advance” estimate for Q3 2010 might be brutal, just 4 days before the U.S. mid-term election.”

Make that, it might be brutal the week after the mid-term. You know, when some excuse or other comes along to delay the report so you don’t quite notice the Great Recession is still well underway and blame the Democrats -who are causing it- at the ballot box. I don’t know who runs the BEA, but it wouldn’t surprise me one little bit to see just such shenanigans pulled. Would it really surprise you?

Bill White Keeps 10ft. Pole Handy

Barack Obama is coming to Texas. Bill White, Democrat candidate for Governor of Texas (God forbid) has told President Obama that he would be happy to receive a phone call from him. He’s just too busy for an in-person visit with President Obama. That is, he’ll take a phone call instead of being caught dead on camera with the political-campaign-DEATH-machine that is Barack Obama. This is probably a canny move for Mr. White. Governor-for-Life Rick Perry has said he would like to meet with the President to discuss why the President refuses to enforce the border.

Less Is Not An Option.

This is yet another example of a problem that is ubiquitous in America during the current economic depression. City, state, and national government agencies with the power to destroy tax are increasing their rates of taxation. They have to, you see. Tax revenues are falling because you are spending less money on everything. They, of course, never could spend less, even though you are being bled dry. Less is not an option. It is only, always, more!

It’s sickening, really. You are making do with less, but we have to expand the library. You stopped going out to eat, but the cafeteria for the bums downtown on the city dole needs more money. Your car is broken down but we have to re-pave the perfectly good street by the Mayor’s house (again) because it stimulates the economy. It’s your money they want. Are you involved in seeing you get to keep more of it? Fewer than 2000 people took part in Austin’s online budget wish-list survey. That’s something like 1%. That means nobody cares. Heck, why not spend more? I mean if YOU don’t care, why should your State government? What’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like they’ll repossess the State Capitol when you default on the bonds issued to pay for it, right? LOL


You Stay Classy, Mister President!

The Boy Scouts had their 100th anniversary this year, and 45,000 Scouts turned out for the Jamboree. So of course, instead of showing up in person the President sent them a video tape (probably of him reading a speech off a teleprompter, having never given it a thought) and went to go say how great he was with the gals on The View.

Good job sir, way to keep up appearances and uphold tradition. Or something.

Who Needs Laws Anyway?

~ or, Regularization Through Executive Fiat ~

If you have not heard of this by now, you are not listening to the proper news outlets. You remember how there was a big push for Obamacare and Financial Reform before each bill was passed? Have you wondered why there has not been such a big push for amnesty for illegal immigrants Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the last year and a half? Well, maybe here’s why. Here’s also what might be the impetus to begin the push for the next amnesty bill, if public outcry forces The Leader to publicly disclaim this strategy. But remember: he has blatantly lied (or else been genuinely, wholly, utterly ignorant of what was written into law) about what he wanted to do before. Remember also: the people in high places in the US government right now serve at the pleasure of The Leader.

Senator Charles Grassley laid hands on a memorandum written to the Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which lays out ways that the Executive branch of the US Government could effect comprehensive immigration reforms without having to make a new law. They are working up ways to reduce the threat of deportation to persons who legally ought to be deported. The main idea seems to be simply not prosecuting offenders. Start out with refugees and students, maybe then work your way up to parents of ‘anchor babies.’ Just don’t prosecute them. Sure it would be controversial, but who cares? It’s the right thing for America!

If the Executive branch bypasses the Legislative branch by rule making and guidelines, and if lawbreakers never make it to the Judicial branch because illegal activity is not prosecuted, where does the power then lie? It lies wholly under the umbrella of the Executive branch of government, under the benevolent hand of The Leader. I still hold out a faint hope that President Obama is acting out of well-intentioned incompetence. God forbid that I should turn out to be wrong. . . . but ask yourself: is an attempt to consolidate all governmental authority under the President the action of a democrat, or a dictator?

Obama said (on the television show The View) ” . . . When you feel as if every single initiative that we’re doing is subject to Washington politics instead of is this good for the country, that can be frustrating.” and the translation of this is: ‘I know what I am doing is right, but that darned legal system and that pesky Congress keep preventing me from carrying out my agenda!’ He has a majority in both houses of Congress. He should be able to pass any GOOD idea into law at any time. But Congresscritters know they have to run for re-election sooner or later, and if something they vote for is too outrageous, they might just lose their jobs. So it is pressure from the People which is thwarting the President’s ‘every single initiative,’ not Washington politics!

Consider: if the only reason 20,000,000 people here illegally are not kicked out of the country is because The Leader is in office, do you think they might be inclined to do what they can to help keep him in office? Sure, and so does the current Democrat party leadership. And that is just another reason you need to kick them out of Congress this November.

Amazing Medical Breakthrough Roundup

When Democrats are given control, they like to take control. Hence Obamacare, which dictates that you must buy health care payment insurance. Take that a few steps further, and you end up with a mandate to have a device implanted in your vagina, just in case you might maybe possibly end up in premature labor without realizing it. It would save billions of taxpayer dollars, don’t you see. And as you are a wage slave for the taxpayer (read: moocher class) you MUST take this thing into your body. It is for the greater good! Aside from that sort of mandate, I can’t see too many women lining up to be fitted with one of these.

Doctors cost too much. They foolishly expect to be able to repay their capitalist pig student loans out of illegitimate, greed-driven, evil PROFITS. We may soon eliminate your eeeeEEEEeeeevil human surgeon and replace him. Robotic surgery, minus the surgeon. “No thanks doctor robot, I think I’ll just die.”

When I was a boy, I imagined being able to use my bionic eye and zoom in to look at what the men on the moon bases were doing. Well, there are already various types of implantable optics for changing how eyes work, but this is the first one they are actually calling a “telescope” . . . and it’s FDA approved! Unfortunately, in order to use this telescope, you have to be old and legally blind already. Under the new Socialized medicine regime of the future, you useless old people won’t have enough Quality-Adjusted Life Years remaining on the tail end of your existence to justify the cost of such a surgery, even if it is done by a robot surgeon. The rest of the taxpayers would appreciate it if you would just find yourself a convenient ice floe somewhere or just bite a bullet or something and DIE already! Don’t you know how expensive you are to maintain at your age? Jeez, how inconsiderate you are!

Snark? Sometimes I think it comes from cynicism. What do you think?

Legislative Grenades

This country is being turned into a place where sanity and legislation do not coincide.

I heard on the radio news today that my company will not have to make a special room where lactating “mothers” can go express breast milk. It’s not that we have four women amongst 24 men, none of whom are in the market for children (much less with infants). It’s not that we already have small, private, out-of-the-way rooms where milk might be expressed. No, it’s because we have fewer than 50 employees, and we may be able to demonstrate that it would be an excessive hardship for us to construct a room for the sole purpose of providing lactating women privacy to express their milk. Thanks Obamacare!

Also: the “most open and honest” Congress EVAR just passed 2000 pages of financial regulatory “reforms.” I called this one: liberty crushing by way of making the financial regulatory reform body completely opaque to the people. A Christian will understand that the only reason to NOT want accountability in government is so the government can engage in evil deeds.

Citizen: Securities and Exchange Commision employee, I would like to know about this scandalous thing that’s going on please.
SEC Lackey: Tough. We’re not talking.
Citizen: Freedom of Information Act Request SERVED! Answer up!
SEC Lackey: We’re not talking and you can’t make us.
Citizen: Why?
SEC Lackey: We reformed that.

THIS is fundamental change. Obama did promise fundamental change. Going from “you have to tell us what our government is doing” to “you don’t have to tell us jack [deleted]” is change.

Is this the change you were hoping for?