Statist, An Ancillary Definition

A run-of-the-mill big government bureaucrat will steal your house from you and give it to someone else, so it can be used in a way that generates more property tax for the government.

A Statist, on the other hand, will ignore the letter of the new anti-eminent domain seizure State law, declare your house obsolete, and tell you to bulldoze it (or they will do it for you) – at your expense – and then sell the now-vacant property.

Hat tip: Uncle

People Who Top Off Piss Me Off

You sound and look like a moron, click-clunk click-clunk click-clunking that last 1/2 cup of gasoline into the overflow/gasoline vapor reservoir in your fueling system. You are NOT getting more gas in your car’s tank, no matter how it makes you feel to keep jerking that valve’s handle. In addition, when you round up to the next dollar, you are not necessarily getting what you pay for.

What’s more, and more importantly, you are messing ME up.

To get a full tank of gas, as fast as possible, Squeeze the handle until the tank is almost full, then back off the pressure on the valve handle. You will note that the valve starts to push back a little, and then you ease off the pressure a little more. Eventually, you are barely squeezing the handle at all, and gas is trickling in, until it finally shuts off. The tank is then as full as that pump can safely fill it. If you squeeze the handle again, you are either going to spill gas on yourself, or you are sending gas into your charcoal canister, or you are giving gas back to the station.

The reason it pisses me off? When you click-clunk to get another 5 drops of gasoline, it messes up the pressure in the delivery lines across the whole gas station. It shuts off MY pump when it was about to shut off by itself in a few moments, when you click-clunk your top-off ritual. I don’t top off after YOU shut the pump off for me, but it messes up my perfectly-full tank ritual.

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t like it, either, but they give a few different reasons

Sky Blue, Water Wet, Glutamate Linked to Migraines

An international study has shown a possible genetic correlation between people who suffer from migraine headaches. Turns out if you have too much glutamate on the brain, it may make it hurt. Some people are predisposed to have a buildup of glutamate, according to this genetic study.

Of course, those of us who try to avoid monosodium glutamate have several reasons. Migraine headaches are only one of many. Sure it’s yummy. It’s also toxic. Dogs and cats die all the time from drinking that sweet, sweet antifreeze. Lay off the MSG if you value your health, especially if you have headaches.

Note to My Neighbor:

If you insist on having a drunken screaming fight at 01:30 in the morning, could you please do the rest of us the favor of having it inside your house? P.S. your women-choosing circuits may be somewhat faulty, given your recent divorce and the outward appearance of the latest female who’s moved in with you.

The third car, which of course belongs to the next-most-recent shack up honey, parked in the neighbor’s driveway this morning, did shed a little light on why I was so rudely awakened last night.

Oh, and P.S. if you all decide to make this a regular feature, I know a few guys who work for the city who would be happy to give you some free bracelets and a quiet place to sleep it off . . .

So There Was A Rally This Weekend

Glenn Beck had a rally on The Mall in D.C. yesterday. Apparently about haffa million people showed up . . .

The rally was called “Restoring Honor” and I thought it was rather silly. I was honestly wondering how many people would show up, but I guess I am rather more jaded than your average bear. Apparently enough people are worked up this year about the blatant LACK of honor elsewhere in D.C. that this sort of event drew quite a crowd.


Extra bonus points: click here to compare the way Decent People left The Mall yesterday, and the way Obamunists left it when the President was sworn in. What does THAT tell you?

If Ammunition Is Banned . . .

If you can’t buy lead ammunition on the (false) grounds that it pollutes the environment, and you can’t buy non-lead ammunition because it is armor piercing and therefore evil, can you buy ammunition?

An hypothetical question:

If you are forbidden from buying ammunition by a state bureaucrat, is it time to start using it?

Apparently either somebody at the EPA figured out that 50/50 odds of a “yes” answer gets them -personally- dead, or the Democrats said they would like to have a chance at winning at least one election this November*. Fox is reporting the EPA has rejected the petition to ban the use of lead in fishing weights and bullets.

Good. To quote Homer Simpson: “Now let us never speak of this again.”

*The last-possible day to announce a decision on this was the day before the election. Link credit: moonbattery

Another Story You Missed

Alan Simpson called Social Security a “milk cow with 310 million tits”

He was, of course, correct. But saying as much as a guy on the President’s economic advisory board, to a representative of the Older Women’s League* may indeed qualify as a gaffe. Political animals will apologize for such things, and he has done.

*SRSLY the Older Women’s League? Wow. Sexism and Ageism as official policy of your organization and you can get away with it by being TWO protected classes at once! I LOL’d

Overseas Military? Wanna Vote?

If you are sticking your neck out for your country, it is likely you have a couple of other things on the ball, and you are planning to do your part to “throw the bums out” this November. If you live in one of these five States that are historically Democrat-leaning, when the leftest of them all is your Commander-in-Chief, you may be out of luck. A few more states apparently could care even less.

In a day and age when one person with a low-end workstation computer can do ALL the printing, envelope stuffing, and mailing, there is NO EXCUSE for not getting every man his paper absentee ballot in time for the election. That, of course, is completely aside from the fact that the election timetable is as near to set in stone as anything in America, and nobody didn’t know it was coming.

But don’t put all the blame on the States which got MOVE act waivers. Some haven’t even applied for them, and are blatantly violating the MOVE act, possibly because Obama’s boy Eric “white people can’t be victims” Holder’s Department of Justice NEVER issued guidance on how to comply with the law. Or maybe they think the DOJ won’t do anything about noncompliance since DOJ lawyers themselves have been saying things that blatantly contradict the law.

Hey, that’s probably not worth a call or an e-mail to your Senator, is it? I mean, what difference can a few tens of thousands of votes make, after all?