Police Shoot Another Dog. Good.

A fuss is being made. A family says it is like losing their child. Here’s VFD’s off-the-cuff take on the latest COP-shoots-dog story being reported on the radio news:

  • Family has labrador retriever off-leash in the front yard, with an electric fence to restrain the dog.
  • No signs announce the presence of the fence.
  • Said dog has the habit of barking and charging when anyone comes around
  • A warrant needed to be served. This is a duty of the Police and a requirement for a stable society.
  • The person to be served no longer lived there, but the COP didn’t know that.
  • COP approaches, and is charged by a bigass barking dog.
  • BANG
  • Family is on charges for having the dog off-leash
  • Family is all upset that their like-a-child-who-has-an-electronic-restraint dog is now dead

    Officer Dave says: if your bigass barking dog is charging at me, and I don’t see any restraint on it (leash, chain, etc) then your dog is about to be a bigass dead dog. Sorry. Oh, and here’s a warrant for your arrest, which is why I came around in the first place.

    If it’s a little yip-dog, I might consider OC spray instead, but a big dog is a mindless killing machine until proved otherwise. It’s up to responsible dog owners to restrain their dogs out of the house.

    Come on VFD, a mindless killing machine? A frikken LAB?!

    If you have a strong stomach, click this here. Much like a person with a knife, a dog can inflict up to and including deadly wounds on as little as zero notice. As in the case of a person with a knife, an officer is under no obligation to suffer bodily harm himself before eliminating an imminent threat to his own or someone else’s well-being. Nobody told him the dog was going to stop short, roll over on his back, and wag his tail. If you’ve got over 40lbs of this coming at you, it’s a deadly threat, regardless of how the dog’s master or the local residents feel about the matter after the fact. Based on what I know at the moment, this was a Good Shoot.


    I’m a certified dog lover. I don’t recall a time when my family didn’t have at least one dog, from six to a hundred and six pounds. I have dogs. LB has and loves dogs also, but when I told him about this story, he said that sometimes a COP has to send ’em back to Hell. NP is convinced he could fight off a dog. He admitted to never having play-rassled (let alone actually fought) with a dog, but that was obvious when he started talking about fighting one off. You can’t fight off a full grown dog, and you shouldn’t be expected to try, if one appears to be attacking and you’ve got a little friend handy.

  • Application for Waste Services Round 2 Fight!

    In contrast to the much saltier version from last night, today I present the letter I actually did send to the Davesville public works people. This was printed off the computer, and then I ran it through the copy machine with my driver’s licence on it, so they got their copy of my photo ID along with the following note to stick in their sunless place. In red marker, I wrote UNHAPPY CAMPER and put an arrow pointing to the image of my DL under the text of the letter.


    To whom it may concern,

    Enclosed please find my “application” for a solid waste account with the City of Davesville. This letter is to register a complaint at this extremely-offensive process. I have been using the same solid waste company for eight years, have never missed a payment that I can recall, and am quite happy with their bi-weekly pickup service. If I have to change to the company selected by the City of Davesville I will. I refuse, however, to pay a deposit for the privilege of being forced to use a different company, on the chance that I will turn out to be a deadbeat. Please recall that anything the City does has a policeman’s gun behind it. Demanding money from me at gunpoint to force me to receive a lower level of service is morally wrong and sinful behavior by the City of Davesville.

    Your letter says you can waive the deposit requirement for persons using automatic bank drafts to pay their trash bill. If you can waive it for them, you’ll have to waive it for me, because I’m ready to raise a stink over this.



    As a bonus, they have a requested start date for the new service. I put a start date during the weekend, before they will have received the application. And I didn’t give a phone number or email address. Haha.

    Application for Waste Services! Film at 11:00!

    Nice. We just got a letter in the mails from the city (my the city) saying we have to use their trash service.

    Hold on there.

    We bought our house in 2003. It was in an unincorporated part of the county. When we got the house, we entered into individual private contracts with various companies to provide us with what we needed (electricity, water, etc) and asked nobody permission to do so. In Texas, you can even pick your electricity provider. But in Davesville, you get to use the company the city decides is best, when it comes to your trash. This was not an issue for us, as we were not a part of Davesville. Then in 2008, against our will and over the objections of a minority of the property owners around us, we were annexed into Davesville. We had, to date, used exactly zero city services at our house. Thanks very much citizen! You may continue to use zero city services, but we will now be charging you an additional $600+ per year in taxes for the privilege of living within the expanded boundaries of Davesville!

    Thanks, jerk.

    Anyways, back to the pain-in-my-butt at hand. Three years ago, my street had two flavors of trash cans on the street: big blue and big green. These were provided by two private companies that sent big trash trucks lumbering down the street twice a week to pick up the big trash cans the people would roll out to the curb. Then the city of Davesville came along and annexed us. Now once a week there are TWO BIG TRASH CANS at the curb in front of every house. There’s a green one for trash and a blue one for recycling. The other six days of the week, there are two big trash cans cluttering up the front or side of every house. Well, not every house. OUR house and one across the street are the only two that still feature only the one big blue trash can. These are hauled to the curb as often as TWICE a week. Sometimes I even SKIP a trash day, because I get service twice a week BOOYAH!

    Well, now we have this letter. It says (to paraphrase): “Our records indicate that you people have chosen to use a private company of your own choosing to collect your trash. This is unacceptable comerades! You vill use zee State-approved garbage company only!”

    We now have the privilege of filling out an application for a Waste Utility Account with the City. We have the distinct honor of filing a $25 deposit with Davesville in case we (who have not missed a trash payment in going on eight years) turn out to be deadbeats. We also get to use this joyous occasion to provide Davesville officials with a “Copy of Valid Identification” along with our application for a solid waste account, to prove that we are not a bunch of godless heathen illegal aliens from France or whatnot.

    So here I am venting my spleen at you (as usual) before I write up a nastygram to Davesville about what they can do with their big blue and green trash cans. Follows the letter I would like to send. It will be toned-down somewhat in the final draft.


    Dear faceless City of Davesville bureaucrat,

    I am in receipt of an undated form letter from the City of Davesville informing me that I must desist using the company I have used for the last eight years for solid waste disposal, and begin using a company chosen by the City. This is a sack of [deleted] and I’ll tell you why:

    Requiring me to pay my money to use the services of a company you choose is FASCISM. Google “sic semper tyrannis” to see what red-blooded freemen think of this sort of thing.

    You can take your application for a waste utility account and shove it. If you to have your people send their big trash cans to my house and have their trucks pick up my trash, bring it. I’m not applying for [deleted]. I live here. Send them here. I will pay them.

    While you’re shoving things, take your recycling bin and shove that, too. Like hell I’m going to presort my recyclables from my trash. It all goes into the same bin inside the house and it will all be going in the same bin outside the house.

    If you want photo identification, you can call and set up an appointment and I’ll show it to you. You’re on the wrong track if you think I’m sending a copy of my drivers license to an unknown place with unknown ID security protocols to be shoved in an unlocked drawer in some office. Of course, this is a [deleted] requirement anyway. I am a citizen both of Texas and of the United States and have been since birth. I have lived here for eight years and never missed paying a trash company bill. Send the bills and they will be paid.

    The bill that won’t be paid is the $25 deposit. See the foregoing paragraph and take my [deleted] word for it that I’m not going to welsh on my trash bills. I refuse to pay extra, up front, for the privilege of being forced to change my trash company. You want to change companies, fine I don’t give a flying [deleted] but you can keep out of my wallet. Send bills, and send trash trucks. What is $25 going to get you? Nothing is what, because I’ll still be here, paying trash bills, a year from now and you’ll eventually refund my deposit to me if I pay it. Will I have interest coming to me? Are you going to give me $5 for the honor of holding my cash for a year? No? Then [deleted] off. Oh wait, you’ll waive the deposit if I set up an automatic bank draft to pay the bill? How generous of you! How about you’ll waive it anyway.

    P.S. like hell am I giving you a work or cell phone number, and you’ll have to start guessing if you want my email address. I’ll be putting my trash bin out twice a week like I do currently, even though it will only be picked up once, just to piss everybody off. The recycle bin you will find beside the house with a potato plant growing in it. Please don’t mess with it until the plant dies.

    Here’s hoping your office burns down.




    It’s actually cheaper than the current service we use, but that’s not the point. It’s the principal of the thing.

    No Blogging. Busy.

    All evening I’ve been online, doing research. It’s time to make a decision: stockpile incandescent lamps, or start using something else. My Darling Wife gets headaches and I get cranky from fluorescents and I’m not dishing out for a premium high-frequency-switched CFL to avoid the flickering. Plus the color rendering sucks. Like hell I’m spending $30 on ONE LED lamp. That leaves halogen or incandescent. Halogens are supposed to last 4x as long, and cost 4x as much if you shop around. Incandescents are the comfy, familiar, soon-to-be-illegal status quo.

    So it looks like I’m off to the local Mega-Lo-Mart to buy either a GE Edison or a Philips Halogena, just to see what it’s like for us in our house under a halogen bulb. Or else I’ll just buy rough-duty bulbs for all the fixtures after we run out of our hoarded incandescents. Because it’s not bad for the environment if a bulb is rated for harsher environments.

    Wait, what?

    That’s right kiddies. My favorite exception to the law which was passed to please lobbyists for the expensive light bulb manufacturers: if it’s a specialty bulb, you can still sell it after the ban. Need a 100W incandescent in 2012? Buy a ceiling fan vibration-resistant type and slap it in the stationary ceiling fixture. It still burns the same 100W for the same 1700 lumens, but because it is “Special” it does not kill Mother Earth as badly. So saith the United States Congress. What a load of [deleted].

    I guess there was a little time to rant blog after all.

    If Only Someone, Anyone Could Authorize The Release of These Papers!

    The incoming Governor of Hawaii would like to show you birther morons just how citizen-y the Dear President really is. He’s going to ask the State’s lawyers if there is anything they can do to reveal the truth. Somebody tell the Governor-elect to shut up before he gets caught up in a sex scandal or somehow otherwise under the bus.

    The Obama denied permission to release his records, and then spent millions of dollars fighting scores of lawsuits to prevent you knowing just what the Department of Vital Records in Hawaii has on file when it comes to his birth documents. Also his school transcripts -and basically anything resembling a paper trail dealing with his life before being elected to public office- have been denied to everyone who asks, including in court. No reasonable citizen goes to these lengths, but The Obama does.

    The question is: why?

    He refuses to answer.

    Is America FoMoCo?

    Boy, talk about a mixed blessing.

    Ford Motor Co. had the ‘good luck’ to go bankrupt when they could still get loans for low interest rates, and kept right on trucking, still saddled by onerous union contracts and UAW-mandated inefficiencies. GM and Chrysler failed, were made to appear to not be bankrupt, and shed zillions of dollars of their union obligations on the taxpayer. GM and Chrysler are free to operate slightly less-impaired by UAW hamstringing than Ford. But they went down hard and now a patriot would never buy a Patriot or Cobalt or whatever, and Ford is doing relatively well. This lasts until Uncle gets out of GM’s pocket; then watch out, Ford.

    The USA’s economy crashed first and we may have shoveled enough Socialism at the problem to make it look close enough to a recession that is ending, to deny we are still in the deepest recession since we started keeping track. Having learned little-to-nothing as a nation about fiscal responsibility, it looks to some people like we might be “in recovery” which in real life means “not getting worse as quickly as before.” So the republicrats and demicans may be content to continue to extend-and-pretend for another election cycle.

    Meanwhile China, Australia, Canada, U.K., Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy arguably Japan, and now India are circling the drain. If the Ford analogy holds, the rest of the world goes into a deep, deep depression for a while, a few more trillions of dollars are lost, and they start up again as leaner, more efficient economies . . . and we continue lumbering along with the highest corporate tax rate in the world, clapping ourselves on the back about a stagnant economy until it becomes obvious that the other guys are running past us on the way up . . .

    Tesla Stock Falls Off Cliff

    <a HREF="
    http://www.autoblog.com/2010/07/07/tesla-shares-in-freefall-now-below-ipo-price/”>Tesla, would-be mass-producers of a coal-powered sports car, has seen a pretty nasty downward run of its stock price. That would be the company you bailed out to the tune of $350M circling toward the drain.

    Wait, but their car is cool!

    Sure. Can you afford a $100k sports car? Neither can anyone else. Savvy investors might want to look elsewhere for long-term potential.

    Unintended Consequences, Travel Edition

    Half a brazillion people were stranded by all the global warming that socked in the New England region in the last few days. Lots of them were traveling light so they could get through security quickly. So they had no food with them, and they were stuck either going hungry or paying airport prices for food. Because Uncle says you can’t take deadly dangerous things like a bag lunch on the plane. Way to go TSA.