I Want To Be Purple.

If a man can marry a man, then the sun can be dark, and I can be a purple toad.

Doublethink from B.O.: Suddenly we are to stop defending the DOMA. The country’s highest law enforcement official and the department head in charge of enforcing civilian law decide on their lonesome they don’t have to do their job defending and enforcing duly enacted laws.

You stay classy, Barry and Secretary.

The leftists of course are just fine with this turn of events, as it suits their ideological preference. Let a Republican President say he no longer feels like enforcing the law against discriminating against women in the workplace, and watch how they would erupt!

You know who else ignored the law when it suited them?


One thought on “I Want To Be Purple.

  1. It's nothing new. Holder has been picking and choosing which laws to enforce since he got there based on how dark each side is.ICE basically said they wouldn't accept any illegals from Arizona because they didn't like that new law.

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