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The departed Bane told a story he claimed was true. I believe it. You may not. Set aside a few minutes and read it for yourself. You might try not to read these where it is dark and cold.

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Our Dog Is Being Wagged

President Obama sounded(as Ingraham said) Commander-in-Chiefy at times during his speechifying about Libya last night. Some people might say that he boldly, boldly! did bubkis until Hillary had NATO start interfering in Libya’s civil war. Any right-thinking person will notice that the excuses reasons they say we are in Libya would apply equally-well to various other nations, but we continue not to go blast heck out of those nations. The question is: Why?

  • Are we involved because Italy et. al. have a vested interest in Libyan oil? (I thought wars for oil was bad?)
  • Did Jacques Chirac lose a big poker game to Qaddafi?
  • Did Qaddafi insult Mr. Soetero and Obama is getting payback for his daddy’s sake?
  • Is Hillary setting Obama up for a fall in 2012?
  • WTF WHY are we in Libya?

    And don’t say humanitarian anything, and don’t say we’re doing violence to prevent violence. Don’t say we’re not in it for regime change because we have definitely taken sides and made position statements indicating we are AGAINST the incumbent dictator. Whose side are we on? The Libyan people? Then why are we fostering war in their nation? Who is their leader if not Qaddafi? SRSLY Clinton is meeting with the rebels? And she thinks they’re going to tell her the truth?

    *sigh* Babes in the woods, that’s what they are. And the woods are dark and deep (but not lovely).

  • Quote of the Day 03/28/2011

    ” . . . change cannot be turned back” -President Barry Soetero, 3/28/2011

    Change has come to Libya. May God help the people of Libya. Obama, through his turning over our military might to NATO is nurturing a Libyan civil war. He is destroying their country with open warfare. He is destroying our country through the introduction of Socialist policies . . .


    Excuse Me I Have To Breathe That Air!

    You can tell it’s Easter time because . . . my car is pastel green! (rimshot)

    The sweat I wiped off my head when I was jogging, I kid you not, was green. My white car, when viewed at a narrow angle, is green. The corners of all the streets by the curb are full of oak pollen thingies. It’s bad enough I have to jog, but SRSLY I have to jog in THIS!?:


    Come on trees! Can’t you all get a room or something?

    Dreams Is Crazy.

    I had a dream last night that I was visiting my Grandparents. My Grandmother is dead now but it’s a dream, we’re rolling with it. As I was leaving, she asked if there were anything I wanted, and I mentioned a pistol my Grandfather had. She snuck in the house and got it, and gave it to me as an under-the-table inheritance. Also she gave me a sniper rifle.

    The pistol was a 1911, a genuine war horse, and rusted and corroded to worse-than-uselessness. The rifle was an awful lot like an M24/M40, with an olive-drab stock, telescope, suppressor, really long barrel. I’m pretty sure my Grandfather doesn’t have anything like either one of those arms.

    Then, of course, as I was noticing the rifle on the next-door neighbor’s driveway, a firefight broke out. With giant robots hundreds of feet tall.

    Crazy dream.

    Pretty Much Permanently

    I was listening to Boortz making fun of people who are whipped into a frenzy by, and deriding the MSM media outlets whipping people into a frenzy reporting about, the nuclear disaster in Japan. Then a news break comes on and the reporter leads in and announces the “expert” and they play a soundbyte from an interview. Said “expert” says the radiation in the ocean, once it gets into the seabed, is there “. . . pretty much permanently.”

    Hey, genius: what’s the half-life of that radioactive material? Good job with the responsible reporting there, MSM! Hint: a half-life of a month or three is much less worrisome than a half-life of a few hundred-thousand years. How about a comparison of relative radiation levels vs. a day’s exposure to the sunshine? No? Just hysterics? Okay, then.

    Asymmetries in Hip Mineralization in Mobile Cellular Phone Users

    The news break came on the radio and they said “zOMG CELL PHONE USING MEN LOSE BONE DENSITY IN THEIR HIP WHERE THEY CARRY THEIR CELL PHONE IN A HOLSTER EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!!!!!!1!!” (to paraphrase)

    After a little searching online, I found the article they referred to in the current issue of the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. I skimmed it and immediately homed in on a spot that made me toss the rest of the study over to /dev/null: Average age samples.

    The summaries I found online reported that there was a “lack of natural variation” in the bone density of cell phone users vs. nonusers. The supposed natural left/right variation in hip bone density is present in non-users of cell phones. Men who wore cell phones on their right hip in a holster for a year (i.e., during the study) were supposed to lack this natural variation in bone density.

    Table 1 in this study report kills the whole thing and should cause you to stop worrying about it altogether. The table is “Age and Anthropometric Data of Participants,” and it lists a few interesting factoids about the study participants. The participants were within an inch of each other in height. “Nonusers” were a mean 47 years old with body masses of 85kg and Body Mass Indices of 28. “Users” were 33 years old, with masses of 77kg and BMIs of a mean 25.7! You are comparing men who have had a full decade and a half to lose bone on their non-dominant side, to young men with lower body mass indices! Statistical FAIL! They even said as much in the article, but then they concluded to the contrary!

    I shake my head at the hysteria this will cause in the next few days/weeks and the [deleted] public policy recommendations that may be forthcoming because of this study. It is GARBAGE in my opinion. If somebody tries to warn you, raise your nose and say “Pish-tosh” like you know what you’re talking about; now you do.