DIY Bed: Dimensional Lumber Edition

This thing is too impressively large to capture on film without a wide-angle lens in this room. Behold, the bane of my existence for the first half of the week!

Well, it’s a bed anyway. Image posted by popular demand (on threat of a lynching*). It is sturdy enough to put up with a generation of boys pounding on it, I think.

The legs, ladders, and main rails are 2×6. The stringers on top are 2×4. There are 2×2 furring strips along the rails holding 1×6 slats for mattress platforms. Total cost: about $140 including screws and sandpaper (mattresses are $100 each, plus bed clothes). I used 1/4″x5″ lag bolts for the rails, 3″ Deckmate screws everywhere else except 1.5″ Deckmate for the slats. I made it a personal goal and managed to get the whole thing assembled by my lonesome self, but a helper would have made it a bit quicker.

This bed is nice in that it conforms to the voluntary industry safety recommendations and then some. No gaps between 3.5″ and 10″, except on the bottom, where there are no gaps between 2.5″ and 11″. Someone would have to TRY to get entrapped in this unit. This beats the one I used for inspiration that cost an extra $100 at a local furniture store, with 7″ “catch my neck here” gaps all over the place.


*or not

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