Getting Shot: YOU FIRST [deleted]!

Oh HELL NO! You pointing a gun at ME?

Before you watch the video or read the description, the following is the proper course of events when someone points a gun at a COP. For a non-COP, you can cut out the first four lines and skip straight to eliminating a deadly threat with deadly violence.

Goblin: ::points gun at COP::
Goblin: “NO!”
Goblin: “FUCK YOU!”
COP’s gun: BOO-YA!

This situation right here is a total fail. This [deleted] in front of the Sunbeam store has a gun. The COP shows up on scene and KNOWS he has a gun as we can tell because he calls it out on the video. The felon repeatedly refuses to drop the gun for a couple of MINUTES, pointing the gun at the COP most of that time. Then he goes around and takes cover AND takes aim behind a car, steadying the gun for a better shot? That’s 200% past time for bullets to fly! Then BAM! Shot, hit, officer down. OTHER cops who were for some reason standing by take up their jobs again and shoot this [deleted] down on the sidewalk (with a few prominent misses, I’d hate to see what the store looked like inside!)

My (loud) commentary when the climax comes in the video below:
“SUNOVABICH! You couldnt see that comin?”

Here you are dialoggin for TWO MINUTES before YOU end up shot? And you SIR’d this [deleted]? You need to SHOOT this [deleted].

Hat tip: The Things Worth Believing In

That Didn’t Take Long. Birth Cert is an Obvious Bad Fake.

The Birth Certificate the President at long-last produced? The one I said yesterday I would believe until it was proved a fake? This one ( .pdf file)?

The certificate presented the other day and (as yet) still available for public download was clearly, drastically edited and left in an editable state when they posted the image as a .pdf document. As someone who uses does image editing work all day every day, let me tell you this is NOT a requirement for saving a scan of a photocopy.

The way it is very clearly altered makes this not only a forgery but a bad job of one at that. Click the link in the last sentence, click the .pdf file link, and zoom in for yourself. See if you don’t find what he saw, on the original. This is not a lone kook saying this . . . there are at least two kooks with professional image software on their computers imagining the same thing. That second kook has a video showing you what you would never see if a) this were a skillful forgery or b) you didn’t have Illustrator on your computer. It’s 3 mintues, go ahead and watch it. If you have 10 minutes more, here is another fellow who went down a slightly different rabbit hole and shot a video showing beyond a doubt in a different way that this document was clearly altered.

Besides which, it LOOKS like it was edited, even at a glance, to a novice. Look at the image at I linked at the top of this post. Why does all the lettering have a white halo around it? Look at the left side of the page – why does the background fade to dark as if a book had been scanned, then brighten up to fill the screen? It has CLEARLY at least been taken from a simple scan and pasted on this background. WHY THE [deleted] would they do that? Why not just present a straight image of the Official Photocopy of The Document for the world to see*? Why did they alter the document presented for public release?

*if, in fact, such a document exists.

Registrar is U K L Lee: Playing a ukelele in hawaii, get it? Funny, right? Haha, joke’s on America we pawned off a fake birth certificate! Take that, Trump!

The World: Gone Mad!

A couple of random Chinese tourists were walking around in UK and heard sumdood singing Kung Fu Fighting in a pub. They were offended at this blatant racism, summoned the Police, and the singer was arrested.

Superman (the comic book hero) says (in the cartoon) he’s tired of being perceived as a tool of the government and renounces his US Citizenship

A surgeon at the top of his field (President of the American College of Surgeons, inventor, super-genius and possibly a huge stud) makes a passing reference to a scientific study and is forced to resign. The study says having unprotected sex makes women less depressed, and is Actual Legitimate Science, but apparently the chicks at Surgery News need to [content redacted] a little more and maybe lighten up a little. Bonus points to this story for legitimate use of the term richly vascularized vagina

(only one link was provided for three stories, because let’s be honest – you were clicking on vagina regardless, so why bother putting a link to a comic book or a police arrest story?)

Just Keep It To Yourself

A fine illustration of a general principle: Keep your thoughts to yourself!

My Darling Wife was generous enough to allow me to vacuum out her car. I went to the garage to get a vacuum, and the cord was tangled with a bunch of miscellany on the floor. To express my pleasure at untangling the cord, I sang a fun little song quietly, under my breath. Because this is a full-size vacuum and I like what remains of my hearing, I had already donned my hearing protection so I would have it with me when the vacuum was running (vs. forgetting it in the garage).

The tune: the Chicken Dance.  What I was saying: “effin effin effin eff, effin effin effin eff, effin effin effin eff, eff eff eff eff.” Alluva sudden, my spidey senses went off and I turned around in the silence of my earmuffs, to see said Darling Wife coming in to the garage. Had I been singing what I was thinking, I would have had some ‘splainin’ to do. As is, I don’t think she even heard it. Good success.

For those of you in the military or business worlds, this helps also. When you would like to turn the air blue with invective against someone who is telling you what to do, smile with your mouth, and lock down your voice – while you cuss them out from behind your eyes in silence if you feel like it. Then at the appropriate moment you say “Yes, SIR!” and go do what you must.

Obama Releases Birth Certificate! (?)

The Official From-the-horse’s-mouth Birth Certificate has been issued forth from the throne of his highness the Obama. I leave it in more capable hands to see if this one is as genuine as the last one they acknowledged as genuine. Perhaps the forgery is good enough to be accepted. Perhaps it is real. What is beyond question is that, barring some very convincing disclosure of this certificate being fraudulent, this issue is settled. Several million dollars later and several years too late, but it is settled. Feel free to insert jokes about slow shipping from the Mexican document forgery house at this time.

Do you really believe it VFD? You’ll lay off now?

Unless it comes out as a verifiable fake, then yes I believe it. The timing even fits his massive ivory tower ego. During the campaign last time none of his handlers let him know this was a problem, and he did not release the certificate. Until he began to campaign again, it remained not only not a problem for President Obama, it was a useful distraction from the Socialism he was cramming down our throats. But NOW! Now, you see, he is running for the Presidency again. And, critically, he is possibly going to be facing down one of the richest, most famous men in the country, and THAT guy is calling attention to the “birther” controversy. This issue is costing the Dear President in the polls! It is hurting his numbers! Quick, do something! Demonize him! Wait, that didn’t work. Release the form then! Release it! Make the issue go away!!!1!

And theeeere you have it. When it becomes an apparent political (let alone morals!) necessity, the certificate comes out. The Donald is justifiably proud at having forced this move.


One of the local talk show callers said now Trump needs to push for John Kerry to release his 1st DD-214. The one that shows if or not he was dishonorably discharged and therefore a Felon
As well as why he has an illegal upgrade to a very-high award on his published DD214
And why he is supposedly authorized FOUR combat stars on his Vietnam Service Medal despite being present for only TWO combat campaigns . . . as stated on the extremely-unusual Form DD215 attached to his record.

EPA: Excluding Production Ability

More oil than has ever flowed through the Alaskan oil pipeline (cumulative) is sitting under the sea off the coast of BFE, Alaska. President Obama does not care for you to have cheap oil (and therefore cheap gasoline) so the oil is now being held just out of reach.

The oil company spent $4B getting ready to go on this oil, but their environmental impact report failed to take into account the pollution generated by an icebreaking ship, so EPA says they can’t drill for the oil at all.

Don’t be surprised.

Regarding Muslim People

VFD, how do you feel about muslims? You talk about them alot, but what do you really think?

I love them, just like Jesus does. And I wish they would change to a religion that does not send them to Hell for eternity. When it comes to temporal affairs where the rubber meets the road, I have no problem with 99.73% of the people who call themselves moslems in America because they are (according to their prophet) Hypocrites. They are worse than the infidel, according to Mohammed.

Wait, what?

Mohammed invented islam. He says he was visited by an angel of God. Having read through the Koran, the Sunnah, and the Hadith, as well as the Bible, I can say categorically that the God of the Bible and the alleged god of the Quran are NOT the same person. If I know someone named John and you also know someone named John, but my fellow is short, fat, black, and balding and your fellow is tall, trim, white, and has a lush head of blonde hair, are they the same guy? Yes, if the god of the koran is the God of the Bible. Mohammed invented islam, and then gathered an army to fight under the banner of his god. He led dozens of war raids against peaceful neighboring cities because they had money and other assests that he wanted. He was a murderer and a leader of murderers. He had a wife who was NINE years old, and others who were taken after their husbands were murdered; he was a rapist. He took the goods belonging to other people from towns and caravans he raided; he was a THIEF. He invented a religion that was false, and said it was alright for his followers to lie to promote the cause; he was a LIAR.

THAT guy is the ideal example of how a moslim should live their life, according to islam. If you claimed to believe in allah but did NOT go out on Jihad with him, he said you were an hypocrite and worse than an infidel. They were going out to kill the infidel, so you can imagine he had a pretty low opinion of those who claimed to be islamic but did not go out and “do likewise.” It should be very little surprise then, that around the world where children are trained to read so they can read the koran, and they memorize that book and are brainwashed to believe it, we have wars ongoing where in every case one of the sides is islamic.

But in America they don’t fight the infidel (much). They don’t preach hate against their neighbors (much). Mostly, if you meet a muslim in America, he will be just as nice a person as the next random name in the phone book. THESE people are Hypocrites to Islam. The faitful muslims on the planes on 9/11 had no problem killing any “hypocrite” muslims who may have been in the Twin Towers because they were just as much “fair game” as the rest of the infidels. If someone wears a veil, it says nothing about them but that they are modest. Even the hijab, arguably a derogatory cultural “feature” is no cause for alarm. Your “moslem” neighbor you have barbecues with is okay.

If they won’t touch you with the right hand, that is when you might start to worry. If someone comes at me with a knife, muslim or not, brown or not, he will be receiving some violence. How do I feel about muslims? I pity them all, and the ones who wish to destroy my country and kill me, I don’t mind having my Marines kill them back.

Insurance Makes Medical Care MORE Expensive!

Some people look at me like I just grew a third eyeball when I tell them the main reason health care is so expensive in the USA is that everyone has health care payment insurance. Perhaps an illustration will serve to enlighten those who do not so well with theoretical arguments:

A surgeon who tried to lower costs (like by HALF) was resisted at every turn by a system that only wanted to do what the system does because that is how the system does it. Which system? The current one, an incestuous mashup of hospitals and insurance companies. Click the link and have your understanding enlightened.