No, You Don’t Own The Road

Look I know it is unpleasant for you to allow other people to pass you on the highway. I know it bothers you on a deep subconscious level. But you are going well under the speed limit and everyone is passing you for a reason.

So when I am behind you in the slow lane and I move over one lane to your left to pass you, I understand why you accelerate. But you need to understand that when you are in my blind spot and accelerate to match my speed, yes you will have to jam your brakes and honk when I go to merge in front of you. If you weren’t an ass, you wouldn’t have been where I was about to be, so feel free to blame yourself.

Also, when you are going slow in the middle lane, under the speed limit, and I come up from way behind you in the lane to your right, if you close the gap between your car and the car in front, just barely quickly enough so I can’t pass you on the right and go in front of you, I understand. I feel your pain. I hope you don’t suffer too much mental anguish as I manipulate you into letting me by. I fall back just long enough that you let the gap open again, then downshift and fly by you before you can close it again.

You jerk.

Surprisingly, my Darling Wife says El Paso drivers are even worse. I told her those are drivers from Mexico and an entirely different class, but she said not just the ones from Mexico. Maybe they have to drive that way in self-defense in all the border towns? Driver’s education classes: should be mandatory instruction in high school, everywhere.

Forgetting Is Easy . . . The Work is the Hard Part

My Darling Wife took the Zoo to El Paso for two weeks with an option for a third if the visit went well. It went well and turned into a month. I got used to the peace and quiet and only having to deal with myself and the rat dogs and cat and house and cars and projects. I got a boatload of work done, but it were lonely work.

They’re back and ho-lee COW I forgot how much tending four children take.

How To Tell a Bleeding Hemmorhoid From Colon Cancer

  • If you just finished a bowel movement
  • And you passed a hard stool with pointy bits in it
  • And you had to strain
  • And it hurt to pass the stool
  • And your toilet paper has blood on it
  • And you wipe with an antiseptic alcohol prep pad
  • And it feels like somebody stabbed your bunghole with a needle in one or two spots
  • You may have a bleeding hemorrhoid.
  • Do not ask me how I know this.

This is totally different to colon cancer. I know a man who had spots of blood on his toilet tissue for a while but thought it was just a hemmoroid. It didn’t stop, so he went to his doctor and got ‘scoped. And sliced open and sewed back up less a short section of guts. If you have a couple drops of blood after a stool, drink more water, eat more fiber, and get some sleep. If it doesn’t stop, see a doctor.

You could die.

Two Clicks

Two clicks, three text boxes, and you have fought fire with fire. You remember when I pointed out that there is a blatant spam/form letter for submissions in favor of an egregious thing the ATF wants to do?

Now there’s a spam/form letter for submissions against it. Please do your nation a favor: click this link, fill in your name and email address, and hit the submit button. It takes less than a minute, and can make a real difference.

Further explanation here

This Thread Delivers!

Today I was given the job of reverse-engineering a machine to see if I could figure out how to make part of it work without the rest of the machine being present.

  • I got it. Now I have working examples of two types of the part we were wondering about, and know in a general way how to get them working, and . . .
  • I also got a way to test another part of the machine that I was not looking for . . . adding value to all those parts that come through
  • One of the guys was looking for a particular type of switch. The machine had one, and he got it.
  • One of the guys was looking for a particular type of door lock. The machine had one and he got it.
  • Plus a couple of nice-to-have little bits and pieces for me.


The Ultimate Winning Republican Ticket!

This morning, Neal Boortz put out the rumor that Sarah Palin might be running for President. I said to NP (who works in front of my station)
VFD: Aw geez. HEY NP! Wanna hear a winning republican ticket?
NP: Sure.
VFD: Palin/Trump
NP: :retching noise:
(fast forward)
CJ (works 2 stations farther up the room): :retching noise:
NP: Did you just read my message?
CJ: Yeah.
VFD: Did you send him what I just said?
NP: Yeah, LOL
CJ: Well as long as it’s a small doghouse . . .
If Donald Trump gets the nomination, it’s a guaranteed loss. Women and conservatives paying attention will stay away from the polls in droves. Palin will drive off the hard right wing, and cannot attract the democrat-with-uterus constituency, PLUS she’ll drive off the bygod-not-gonna-vote-fer-a-wymyn constituency.

Mrs. Palin, Mr. Trump, please do us all a favor and stay out of it. If you really want to do some good, support Herman Cain.

Cain/Perry. Now you’re getting warmer.

Jellystone is Quaking

The analogy is not as clear as I’d like so I’ll spell it out for you. Yellowstone Park is a volcano that is . . . well, if it went up it would take you with it. It is sleeping lightly these days; there are earthquakes and the land is rising in places. It is feared by some that it will really erupt and the USA will be basically gone.

The economy of Greece is Yellowstone, and the land is rising and shaking more and more. The bean counters at the IMF are saying they can’t abide by their rules and continue bailing out Greek debt at the same time. They are still saying “contagion” as if all the PIIGS nations were not bankrupt and waiting to explode also, but it will take a bit of doing to prevent it happening after the IMF doesn’t lend money to Greece next January.

Cliffs: It looks bad for Greece.


~wherein I am salty~

The idiot box is on for background noise in the house and some fool left it on CSPAN2. They are talking about regulating prescription drugs. I know a lot of it is piss in the wind, but . . . when people are agreeing with each other that maybe we should limit the amount of pain killers to (e.g.) 3 days’ worth after a wisdom tooth extraction with an option to refill the prescription, there is a problem. Of course it’s D(imwit) Senator Blumenthal nodding his head along with this example as if it makes some kind of sense.

Let’s be clear: This is America, and if you think it is okay to not give enough pain killers to kill all my pain after a major surgery, you need to be shot so somebody can deny you all the pain killer you need. When I got all four of my wisdom teeth out, I spent a good solid week bombed out of my mind on whatever they gave me at the dispensary. I have no idea what happened that week but evidently I didn’t starve to death. I for damn sure (I think? I dunno, I was high) was in no kind of shape to be driving out to the dispensary again three days later.

I could give a [deleted] if you don’t like that I should have excess drugs sitting unused in my medicine cabinet. Keep on with the DEA “takeback” days if you like, but limiting patients’ necessary medication so as to prevent the maybe possibly hypothetically possibly maybe access of some unauthorized user to those drugs is asinine and anti-American.

Linux: Still Not Ready For Family Hour

This h’yer is my first post from a fresh crispy ubuntu linux installation on my formerly pirated-windows PC. One of the peeps I talk to online disagrees with me when I say that Linux is still not ready for prime time. It may be ready for the Adult Swim hours, but if your 8 year-old has to read instructions to go through the console (read: Command prompt) in order to play a game, IF the game will even run, it’s a failure.

A commuter used to a little baby car with an automatic will drive a real-deal sports car off a cliff.

A would-be photographer, confronted with a “real” camera, will be lost without the manual

And a Windows user who tries to do something beside USE the computer, will be lost in Linux. The learning curve is a cliff.

For just using once it is set up, and ALL the needful programs and plugins and whatever is in place, assuming your program will run under the different operating systems, there is no difference between Linux and Windows. It’s getting there that’s the challenge.


I started piddling with Linux and discarded it in favor of DOS and Windows I think in the kernel 2.2 days and it is a LOT easier to set up than it used to be. Still not easy enough for grandma.