No Talent Assclown

One of the men where I work shares a firstname with Listing Buddy. The usual method of getting someone’s attention around there is to holler a name from across the room. This results in confusion until nicknames are well established.

This morning I called the other fellow and he didn’t respond, thinking I was calling Listing Buddy. He said I should just go ahead and call him Guido like the rest of the shop does. I told him I know it’s a perfectly legitimate Italian name, but the problem is that Guido makes me think of this guy (not to mention the ethnic slur!):

He laughed and said that guy is probably richer and definitely more famous than him – but he’s had the nickname since the 1990s and that guy is a recent phenomenon. A reference to Office Space was made, more LOLing was done, and I said I’d have to revisit the issue. I think based on the Michael Bolton comparison I’m going to have to go ahead and use the nickname the guy at work wants me to use.

I just have to get over calling somebody a nickname with such (for me) negative connotations.

Lives Will Be Ruined

. . . but it’s fashionable to tolerate such things in the days in which we live.

So New York passed a law permitting queers to call themselves married and receive the attendant benefits. They are not the first, probably not the last. Oh, how sweet, they might want to have children! Next up: several years of lawsuits shopped to Democrat-appointed judges. Then a few decades of allowing people with a need for mental health care to adopt children, ruin the children’s minds, and all sorts of horrendous outcomes the left will poo-pooh if you call it ahead of time. Then, if we’re still in one piece, a period of sober policy re-examination followed by bans or restrictions on various queer “family” arrangements. This pendulum has very, very far to swing to the left. If it swings back right, it could be pretty wild.

Or instead of legislating, you could leave it to the voters (who pretty reliably turn out against queers calling themselves “married” in the USA). But then the governors don’t get to take part in the fabulous “Gay Pride” parades, so . . . nah!

Who Coulda Guest?

The BATFE allowed shady purchasers to buy lots (2500+ at last report) of guns, despite the puzzled “are you sure?” from lots of gun shops. The idea was, you know, to, like, see where they went, and junk.

Turns out when bad people buy guns to distribute to other bad people, the guns go all over the place. Sure there are hundreds of dead people from thousands of guns allowed to “walk” into Mexico. Plus a couple of US Americans which suddenly made it a problem, and lookee lookee, what a surprise: “Gunwalker” guns showing up in the USA, as well.

If President Obama was in on this plot, what would happen? I mean, aside from the obvious attempt to have a coordinated falling-on-the-swords by everyone who knew he knew . . . .

I Think That Was A Top Call

There is no reason to be optimistic about the second half. The recovery, assuming you think we had one, is dead. -Michael Shedlock

“Unexpectedly” negative numbers two months running. Four more and we’ll officially have “another” recession. Unexpectedly, with results failing to meet economists’ expectations all along the way. Why anyone would bother with such economists is beyond me.

What’re You Gonna Do About It, Pipsqueak?

“It is the LORD: let him do what seemeth him good.”

That right there is a stiff upper lip when you have to swallow a bitter pill. Wow. More of the story

Not only should you train your children when they are young; you will want to also make sure as much as you can that they stay on track. Things are different now, sure. But God still is the same, and he still doesn’t like bad deeds to go unanswered by those who should stop them.

Fabulous Timing.


Laugh at me then. I was all ready for a between-church nap this afternoon. The baby was asleep and I sent #2 and #3 for a post-luch nap. As they got settled in, #4 woke up. Darling Wife already asleep. No nap for me!


Then in the middle of “nap” time, the neighborhood heathen children came around asking for #1 to go outside to play, causing our dogs to sound the all-hell-breaking-loose alarm. I told #1 to tell the kids outside to kick bricks, which was translated into something less-rude by feminine instinct.

Did you hear the story a week or two ago about the 11 year-old who was shot for trespass when a group of children wouldn’t get the heck off sumdood’s lawn? Well I still think that was WAY excessive, but I can maybe sympathize a little after this afternoon.

That Was Easy.

Yesterday I ran a chkdsk and it took several hours (like 6) with many bad clusters repaired. I had my Darling Wife shut down the computer when it completed. Today I ran chkdsk again and it had an additional bad cluster after doing nothing all day. This is Very Bad.

The gparted/clonezilla plan failed because the old hard drive had (as gparted said) “hopelessly many” bad clusters. I remembered something I had read and checked . . . by “coincidence” (thanks Jesus) both the drives I was trying to use were Western Digital. I downloaded Acronis True Image (Western Digital edition) from Western Digital. I read the manual. I pushed a few buttons. In the morning I swapped the drives out.

If I had $40 or whatever I would say Acronis was worth it for an individual license. For a small company on a budget maybe a $$$$ license wouln’t be, but zowie. That program Western Digital offers their customers is a 2009 version but it saved me huge headaches. Several drive manufacturers are offering house-brand versions of Acronis software to help customers migrate to a new drive.

I found it SUPER easy to use.

Well, That Stinks.

The hard drive from the other computer with the fresh XP installation? Windows was acting up the other day and chkdsk found bad sectors. Last night it was acting flaky and chkdsk found more (new) bad sectors. This, my friends, is a Strongbad Omen for the future useful lifetime of a hard drive. Backup was funky but it was almost complete (missed some system files, got the more important bits). Now I’m off to try to clone the drive so I don’t have to reinstall Windows again (again).

Downloading Clonezilla now. I already have gparted on a CD. Many thanks to Pablo Garcia for posting this article on Geeky Projects on how to use these two free programs to clone one hard drive to a smaller hard drive. If I don’t b*tch and moan about it some more, you may assume the process went well.

Say It Ain’t So, Rick!

Governor “Pretty Boy” “King” “Pointy Boots” Rick Perry is making noises about getting into the race for President of the USA. This is the same Perry who tried to give us the Trans Texas Corridor and HPV vaccines for all, willy-nilly. He likes raising taxes to keep pace with “growth” and is generally only a few shades better than McCain as a candidate for POTUS.

Vote for Herman Cain.