Oh, Finally. Army Abandons Dumbass Berets.


image source VA Mortgage Center

These stupid hats were coming on the scene as I was separating from military service, so I have only seen a few of them on the odd Soldier I see at the grocery store parking lot or wherever. I have ALWAYS thought this was one of the stupidest uniform directives EVAR. The army spent a decade telling people their berets were on crooked, and finally they got somebody with some [deleted] sense in the top slot and they’re going back to patrol caps. My commentary when I saw Mike mention the story:

VFD: Oh, finally.
Darling Wife: What?
VFD: The Army is finally abandoning the beret in favor of the patrol cap
DW: Oh, good.

You know who should wear berets? Army Special Forces men should wear them, and they should not be black. Frenchmen wear black berets. Soldiers on duty in uniform should wear the patrol cap or a helmet, as the situation requires. Preferably and a sidearm, but that may have to wait until I’m the Commander in Chief.

image source: Qwiki

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