It’s SO Hot . . .

Sunday on the way to Church in the afternoon, my car said it was 116º outside. The local radio news said that it was officially an all-time record for the day at 112º at the Official Reporting Weather Station.

I keep a box of fuses in the Hot Rod. It’s got a half-dozen little compartments with different values of fuses inside a bubble-packed clear plastic retail package. It was a pretty slick little affair actually. Was. Today I noticed that the bubbles are all half as tall as they were and cloudy (vice clear) and the whole package is warped. The box of fuses was in the sun on the seat of the car. It melted.

Deals: They’re Everywhere!

A guy I know is trying to get a new camera lens for me. They sell in shops all the way up to $300+. You can get them all day long for $200-$250 if you know where to look. When I mentioned it to him, he was determined to pay no more than $100. . . . and he may have found one at $120.

I was tripping out a little over that, until I remembered not too long ago I snagged a similar piece of gear for a friend, from someone who didn’t want it, absolutely free.

If you want nice stuff, you can buy it or you can hunt down a bargain. SOMEWHERE out there someone is trying to unload exactly what you want.

That’s One Law-Abidin’ Family, Right There.

Auntie Zetuni is officially not going to be prosecuted for being an illegal immigrant, since her nephew is the President. That would be, AFTER she was ordered deported.

Do we really need to revisit the way bankruptcy LAW was turned on its head in the GM bailout?

And now Obama is arrested. No, not President Barry O, his Uncle. His uncle was arrested. Onyango Obama nearly got in a wreck with (of all things) a Police cruiser . . . because he was driving drunk. AFTER he was ordered deported for being an illegal immigrant.

Illegal immigration: maybe you can guess where the President gets the idea it’s okay?


No, no, I won’t mention that he STILL hasn’t produced a non-fakies birth certificate (or school transcripts, or immigration paperwork or ANYTHING) showing that he’s actually from here, that would just be racist!

Stupid Dogs

VFDDawg #2 is the male, bigger-boneded, and the Alpha of the two Chihauhas. Tonight at dinnertime their food dish (with 2 bowls both full of food) was along a wall by their bed. VFDDawg #1 was patiently waiting her turn like a good little bitch and it got on my nerves. A couple of times my Darling Wife had told him to let her eat, but he wasn’t being very generous. As I walked by, there VFDDawg #2 was standing SIDEWAYS and blocking access to both bowls, turning his head to get a bite. I pushed his bottom and it startled him – he yelped and jumped into bed. I moved their bowl away from the wall so they could have access from both sides.

I guess it bothered my Darling Wife also, because in a minute she had moved the bowl halfway across the room, under #3’s school desk, with nothing around it to block access from any direction.

These small dogs, they are stupid. They are now (half an hour later) wandering forlornly around their bed wishing they could get some food. I’d explain it to ’em but they don’t speak English.

Who Needs Grass, Anyway?

We’re in the worst drought in centuries down here and it looks to continue into next year according to some meteorologists. I heard a guy saying every minute the City allows him to water, he has his irrigation system going to keep his GRASS alive. He said “just look at it” and suggested I consider what it will look like when they go to Stage 2 water restrictions and he can only water half as much next month.

I looked at it. It was green. I look at my formerly-green lawn, and it is dirt with dead grass here and there. My next door neighbor is xeriscaping his front yard and I have been thinking it looks pretty nice.

Grass, I can do without. Oh, but there is one part of the yard where the grass is thick as anything: right by the spigot where the soaker hoses (for the house foundation) are connected.

Do Want: A Fast Prime Lens

Today I went and visited my parents and played with my Dad’s new toy: a 50mm F1:1.8 prime lens on his “little” Canon DSLR. That thing is amaaaaazing. It is stupid fast. I shoot pictures (almost) in the dark at work, and I would really like to have one of these for my work camera. Sure you have to “zoom with your feet” a bit, but pick the right focal length when you select your prime and you’re halfway there.

I didn’t know what I was missing. No wonder these sold out immediately.

Note: Retirement Savings Should Be Invested Elsewhere

It is probably not a good idea to put your long-term money in an investment where it will shrink, and they tell you it will be a losing proposition before you put your money there. Even if that investment is US treasury bonds. The short term note has a negative rate of interest again.

This is not a sign of health in the world’s economies. But not to worry, they all say Q3 may be showing us some big numbers in US GDP growth! Please disregard that we revised downward the GDP numbers for Q2 by almost 25%.

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

I mean after all, they are one of our Most Favored trading partners!

General Electric makes electronics. General electric makes avionics. Avionics are required in airplanes. A company in China is making a new airliner. They need avionics. General electric is going to give the technology to their Chinese partners to put in the new airliner.

Problem: China is a communist nation. A Chinese company is the Chinese government is the Chinese military. Concern: China is on the way to becoming a world military super-power. A COMMUNIST world super-power.

And: Avionics for airliners transfer nicely to military fighter, bomber, and command & control aircraft.

“The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.” -Karl Marx


P.S. if you think I’m paranoid about not flying on Airbus aircraft, just wait until a Chinese company starts making planes! Hint: You will NOT catch me in the air in a Chinese-built airliner. Oh wait, I forgot: I’m repeating myself!

P.P.S. In China, they are highly original thinkers. For example, they never would steal someone else’s well-proven idea. I mean, this airplane has NO resemblance at ALL to any existing airplanes!