Never Believe Until Official Denials Start Coming

I hoped not to have this news to report, but here it is. Michael Shedlock says that, in general, you may go ahead and believe something is certain to happen when the Official Denials start coming fast and furious through the mainstream press. I heard it a couple of days ago when somebody made up a soundbyte compilation of Chris Christie denying any intention to run for President, even saying he would rather kill himself. I was thinking that was a step too far into improbability when I heard he would be giving a speech at the Reagan Library.

Surprising no-one, he has changed his mind and is now considering a run at the Presidency. This is the last thing we need. The Press will try to foist him off on us, but he is ANOTHER totally unknown quantity. He has done good things for just over a year for New Jersey’s budget, and that is all he has done.

Herman Cain. Vote for Herman Cain in your primary elections! Christie over Obama, I am pretty sure, but Cain over Christie any day of the week!

JW Webster Saves Bacon, Amazes

My Darling Wife reported our clothes washing machine inoperable. The problem was traced to the lid switch being flaky. I googled up this page written by JW Webster. It has a video showing how to replace a lid switch.

I was surprised that the control panel flips up and out of the way. My mind was slightly blown when the whole frikken outsides of the machine came off in one piece.

Anyway, +1 for this cat and thanks Jesus for the Internet.

Silly Goose Stepper You Don’t Suspend Elections!

. . . all the really hip tyrants know you rig elections.

North Carolina’s (hopefully outgoing) Governess Purdue said she would like to see Congressional elections suspended so our Elected Heroes could get on with fixing the country instead of fighting during election seasons.

She forgets, perhaps, that the Congress has been totally stalled-out since the current crop of politicrats was sworn in twoanahaff years ago, and they are so deeply divided they couldn’t fix their way out of a wet paper sack. Also, our country started with a war over taxation without representation and we have WAY more guns now than we did back then.

Great job, North Carolina, you elected a fool.

Madness at Work!

This is the transcript of a 10-second (or less) conversation between PI and me from earlier today:

PI: (walks up the room as I am making a neat stack of pink padding stuff from a pile of robots)
DK: Hey PI, I wonder if you might be interested in…(interrupted)
PI: Common courtesy, Dave.
DK:…some of this pink stuff to pad your…(still speaking, interrupted again)
PI: Common courtesy.
DK:…delicate stuff
PI: (walking into the next room with hands out to the sides, palms up)
PI: And then he pretends he doesn’t know what I mean.

. . . except that I wasn’t pretending. I asked LB if it was a bad day for talking to PI, or if we had moved something of his without letting him know, or what was the deal with PI today. LB had no clue, either.

Not Desperate At ALL!

The President has floated a new weather balloon. Feel free to mock both it and him.

Herman Cain has proposed his 9/9/9 plan for simplifying the tax code. The President did not mention it during his Jobs Speech before the joint session of Congress, but surely he must have been working on it already. Surely the smartest guy in the room wouldn’t make such an obvious desperation move as proposing a 19/19/19 plan AFTER polls showed Cain gaining ground with his 9/9/9 plan, right? I mean, this is certainly a sign of bold leadership from President Obama, right? Right?


Is my google-fu weak or has this story been spiked already? I can’t find it online and they were talking about it on the radio this morning. Or am I in some crazy freak-out time warp? Did this happen next week?

I Hope

That this man may win gives me hope. If Herman Cain does (and recent history says he will) get the Republican nomination, I think he can make it to the Office. The nation will be in the very best of hands, then.

It is not because he is black (WAY blackerer than President Obama)
It is not because he is a male
It is not because he has an R in the parenthesis
It is because he knows, and is not afraid to speak, the truth. Would that more men were willing to call a spade a spade like Cain.

This election will tell us very much about the future of our nation. “May your chains rest lightly” on your countrymen . . . may not come just yet. It seems that the Good People have let slip their (0ur) responsibility to care for our State. We may have woken up in time. Ask me again in three years.


P.S. if the tea partiers are racist, how do you explain Cain?

New Car for my Birthday!

. . . the hard way.

Almost. We were cruising along at 50MPH on a three lane-median-three lane surface street headed home from Church. We were in the #2 lane, heading North. A green-light was up ahead at the intersection with a four lane street crossing our six lane street. The people on our right (pointed West) sucked at driving. There were actually TWO cars involved in this foolishness today. The one was following the other, and they wanted to be going North for two blocks, then make a Left turn (West again). This means they needed to pop onto our road.

The law and good sense and courtesy all say: turn into the right lane from the right lane. This means their #2 lane would merge into our #3 lane when traffic was clear. So what did they do? They went from their #2 right lane to our #2 MIDDLE lane when traffic was coming at 50MPH! Fortunately, I saw this coming with enough time to spare that I was already saying badwords under my breath at them by the time my Darling Wife realized what was going on. Later, she told me she saw that they were totally oblivious to our presence until we swerved around them.

Have you ever seen bats emerging by their ten-thousands from a cave and a person is standing in the mouth of the cave? The bats flow around the person like water, and close ranks again on the other side of the person. That’s what I did to this car. The first car had already turned into our lane and the second car was in the middle of the intersection (obviously?) in the middle of a low-speed turning maneuver. I had time to make sure the #1 lane was clear and swerved as we entered the intersection, to go around these jerks, then back around into our #2 lane as we passed them. The first car had, by this time, moved to the #3 lane. Why they did not just go there in the first place is beyond me.

The first car, around which my instincts told me I would have to swerve was, amusingly, a new Nissan Juke.

Pilot trainees have to put in so many hours behind a stick with an instructor present, before they go off on their own into the wild blue yonder. Somebody explain to me why, if we are going to require mandatory licensing of drivers to use the public roadways, we don’t also have mandatory TRAINING of drivers?

YES! Time to Donate to the Cain Campaign!

In Ohio, they bus in people to vote in the straw poll. In Florida, the people voting in the straw poll are the people who will be nominating the candidate for Florida’s Republican party. Herman Cain didn’t do so hot in the Ohio poll.

Herman Cain DOMINATED the Florida straw poll. He got more than double the number of votes cast for Pretty Boy Perry or perpetually-losing candidate Romney.


Vote for Hermain Cain. Better yet, donate to the Cain campaign!