Seat Belts: Not for Armpit Hair Protection!

At the gas station today I saw something I almost couldn’t believe. In 2011, with the Science well and truly In, I saw a (fat, dyed-blonde) woman wearing her seat belt under her arm. People, if God had intended for seat belts to be worn under your arms, he wouldn’t have put the seatbelt upper anchor point above your shoulders. Let me be quite clear about this:

If you wear your seat belt under your arm,


The green line is where your head stops if you are wearing your seat belt properly. The yellow line, hopefully, is not on the far side of a seat back, dash board or windshield.

If you put the seat belt under your arm, instead of a sore shoulder you are asking for broken ribs and perforated internal organs. You are also in line for head and spine injuries, including FATAL injuries, that would have been prevented by proper wearing of a seat belt.

If your seat belt does not fit, adjust it until it does. If your child’s seat belt does not fit, you DESERVE to lose money when you get ticketed, and you can count yourself lucky to pay the fine. If you are not lucky, your child may be a case study or even just a statistic.

Buckle up.

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