Not Desperate At ALL!

The President has floated a new weather balloon. Feel free to mock both it and him.

Herman Cain has proposed his 9/9/9 plan for simplifying the tax code. The President did not mention it during his Jobs Speech before the joint session of Congress, but surely he must have been working on it already. Surely the smartest guy in the room wouldn’t make such an obvious desperation move as proposing a 19/19/19 plan AFTER polls showed Cain gaining ground with his 9/9/9 plan, right? I mean, this is certainly a sign of bold leadership from President Obama, right? Right?


Is my google-fu weak or has this story been spiked already? I can’t find it online and they were talking about it on the radio this morning. Or am I in some crazy freak-out time warp? Did this happen next week?


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