Madness at Work!

This is the transcript of a 10-second (or less) conversation between PI and me from earlier today:

PI: (walks up the room as I am making a neat stack of pink padding stuff from a pile of robots)
DK: Hey PI, I wonder if you might be interested in…(interrupted)
PI: Common courtesy, Dave.
DK:…some of this pink stuff to pad your…(still speaking, interrupted again)
PI: Common courtesy.
DK:…delicate stuff
PI: (walking into the next room with hands out to the sides, palms up)
PI: And then he pretends he doesn’t know what I mean.

. . . except that I wasn’t pretending. I asked LB if it was a bad day for talking to PI, or if we had moved something of his without letting him know, or what was the deal with PI today. LB had no clue, either.

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