Never Believe Until Official Denials Start Coming

I hoped not to have this news to report, but here it is. Michael Shedlock says that, in general, you may go ahead and believe something is certain to happen when the Official Denials start coming fast and furious through the mainstream press. I heard it a couple of days ago when somebody made up a soundbyte compilation of Chris Christie denying any intention to run for President, even saying he would rather kill himself. I was thinking that was a step too far into improbability when I heard he would be giving a speech at the Reagan Library.

Surprising no-one, he has changed his mind and is now considering a run at the Presidency. This is the last thing we need. The Press will try to foist him off on us, but he is ANOTHER totally unknown quantity. He has done good things for just over a year for New Jersey’s budget, and that is all he has done.

Herman Cain. Vote for Herman Cain in your primary elections! Christie over Obama, I am pretty sure, but Cain over Christie any day of the week!


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