Global Non-Warming Getting Harder to Deny!

The temperature plot for the last decade is a solid no-change ZERO increase/decrease average. But you don’t get research grant money to continue to “study” anthropogenic global warming when the globe is neither warming nor cooling.

Watt's Up With That Trend?
Image from WUWT

If you are still on the fence with regard to AGW, here are a few more points to ponder:

Peak Oil: Depends On How You Spin The Numbers

The real story here isn’t the story on the Watts Up With That page, it’s the comments. The story itself says: zOMG PEAK OIL!!!1!

Then comes the comment section in which people who seem to know what they are talking about point out that the Peak Oil theory is, and has been, bad science.

My take: Peak Oil is a myth and we need not legislate by it…but I also think we should be going nuclear while oil is still easy to get. And for crying out loud recycle the spent fuel!

Dubious Call Pans Out 100%

Today is day #3 for #3. He’s got the same tummy whatever’s-wrong that a couple of the other children in the church nursery have come down with recently. Lots of #2 from #3’s bottom. Early this morning I woke up at the end of a dream and the house stank. #3 at 3 years-old had got himself on the pot and into a clean diaper . . . but neglected the finer points of cleaning himself and the toilet seat, and flushing. But hey, the sheets were poo-free so WIN!

Anyway, this morning I stayed behind when my Darling Wife took the rest of the Zoo to church. I wasn’t so sure it was necessary, but at least it keeps him away from the other finger-suckers in his Sunday classroom It’s a good thing I did. During their drive to church, he had a little accident involving the necessity of keeping a diaper on him. Then again during the Sunday school hour; he made it safely to the toilet during the church hour. So. I wasn’t sure it was necessary but it turns out to have been a good idea.

Today’s diet: Bananas, apples, and black tea. Ugh.

Decoupling Theory Soon To Be Tested.

If you think the American and Chinese economies don’t necessarily rise and fall together, or the European and world economies, you will have a rare opportunity: your theory is about to be tested In Real World Conditions. China: headed off the cliff, just in time for the Presidential elections. Europe: Bailout deal 100% ready to rock except for the fundamental portion of the deal is unresolved.

If you think the USA’s economies can survive China, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Italy, and Spain all crashing at once while France and England are faltering, I can hope with you . . . . but I expect my long-awaited double-dip is going to be nasty. Here’s hoping the global food supply holds out. You can’t eat a CDS certificate.

After a Year, a Modified Position Statement

A year and change ago, I told you I didn’t have a cell phone just like some of the world’s richest and most powerful persons don’t. Then I got a deal that was too good to pass up: two years of service and a new phone of my choice, free. No strings attached. It’s who you know – no, you can not get this deal. So now I have a cellyphone.

The number, it is private. No, you can’t have it when I apply for whatever service or licence, and no strangerman you can’t have it either. One person calls me regularly, and one other person calls me in cases of exigency. That’s about it. I keep the phone turned on most of the time so my Darling Wife can get ahold of me immediately in case of emergency. If I am talking to someone and my pocket rings, I press the “mute” button on the phone and keep talking. Ditto for during meetings. I do not check my cell phone voice mail, ever.

If you were on the “A” list, you would know how to get hold of me at your convenience.

My mobile is for my convenience; not yours.


Today at work, one of the young guns had a cellular telephone that would not turn on. It was treated with exactly the same degree of hand-wringing zOMG action as if something bad were happening and he couldn’t get calls about it . . . but the only problem was temporary loss of THAT phone, in a building full of other phones all over the place. You will please excuse my total lack of sympathy.

Good News From Europe!

They have come to an agreement! They will continue to dig the hole deeper, and hope nobody notices until the next round of elections. Hopefully something good will happen by then!

  1. IF the problem is too much deficit spending (and it is)
  2. AND the solution proposed is MORE deficit spending (and it is)
  3. THEN the solution cannot possibly save the economy of Europe.

They are pushing closer and closer to being left with only 2 easily-made choices: Break up the Euro zone, or devolve into tyranny in an attempt to keep it together. This, by the way, because it is “politically incorrect” to allow investors in bad investments to take their medicine.

Nothing to See Here

Mish picked up the story. Perhaps it will grow some legs after all:

Previously, if you submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request “they” didn’t want to answer, you would get a legalese mumbo-jumbo response about what law they were following when not giving you your information (e.g., national security prevents release). A new rule has been proposed to codify what had been a dirty-little-secret method of turning down the occasional really obnoxious request:

If they don’t want to release documents under a FOIA request, under the proposed rule they could just lie and say it doesn’t exist. This, of course, comes under the freedom-loving President Obama who promised to have the most open and honest and ethicalĀ  administration ever. Oh, wait . . .

Quote of the Day 10/31/2011

We had some guests over tonight. The babies were sleeping and it was past “call the cops on the noisy neighbors” hour, so we sent two Zoos worth of children from the backyard into a bedroom to watch a movei. Out comes #1 and says:

“Hey Dad, do you know where the first aid kit is?”

A brief discussion was followed by another of the children, this one a boy, who ended up going back into the room fully justified in his belief that he was fine, no band-aids needed.

New Fellow Gets Good Advice: Yet Another Plug for Pain Free

There was a guest speaker at my church tonight. At the start of his speech, he mentioned getting backaches, shoulderaches, etc. Knowing what I do, I started looking at him to see if he was off-balance. Sure enough, his left shoulder was riding a good couple of inches lower than the right side.

I asked him if he would get pains on one side of his back after exertion. Yes, he says. I asked if it were from an injury and he described a marginal parachute jump with more time than he liked with a cigar-shaped parachute, with a “sack-O-potatoes” style landing. He preaches in the way-back down in Mexico and there are no chiropractic practitioners there, but he will be pain free for a while after getting straightened-out when he comes to the States. Pete Egoscue says “a pain free, active lifestyle is the way you should expect to feel and live.” Pain Free is JUST the ticket for this guy. I gave him the Cliff’s Notes and he seemed very interested.

If you hurt, and you read books, you should read this book. Seriously.