Bad Day, Worse Day

Bad day: blinded by oncoming headlights, you jam on the brakes
Worse day: the brakes don’t keep you from flying 200ft. down a ravine
Significantly better day: your grown-ass children do the job the Police won’t do, and find you . . . after almost a WEEK of eating bugs to survive.

Worst day: This poor guy’s car was found RIGHT next to the car driven by another missing person: a DEAD old guy.

He used the decomposing dead guy’s glasses to see while trying to stay alive by eating ants and drinking creek water with various broken bones. Still, all’s well that ends well.


In Austin, the streets make no sense but are survivable (survivable AFTER they lengthened the blending lanes on IH-35 onramps, that is). Maybe, if you have two deadly careering-off-the-edge-of-the-cliff single car accidents in a week in the perzact same spot, it is time to send a traffic engineer out to the stretch of California highway? Just a crazy idea I had.


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