Bag Mah Groceries, Biches!

I have never, ever, not once ever used a self-checkout stand at any store. Not at the grocery, not at the mega-lo-mart, nowhere. If I want to check out my own stuff I’ll go to nowhere, because I don’t want to check out my own stuff. Part of the cost of doing business as a retailer is hiring a minimum wage monkey to work the cash register and ring up your customers’ purchases, but (and here’s the killer for me):

Part of buying a bunch of stuff, as a customer, is the convenience of having somebody else put that stuff in a conveniently-transportable situation. If I buy online, the retailer ships straight to my door. If I buy a bunch of jars of baby food, the retailer [deleted] better put that [deleted] in a bag for me. And if they don’t tie the handles of the bag together so the jars don’t fall out if the bag tips over, they fail at retailing.

Self-checkout aisles suck the soul out of the shopping experience. Therefore, I am glad that stores are abandoning their use.

Hat tip: Instapundit.


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