New Alabama Law Great for Alabama School Children!

Everybody is always crying about how they want lower class sizes. Alabama just passed a law that has lowered class sizes by 2% in some parts of the State, and now they are complaining?

Anti-illegality campaingers have long said that illegal aliens will self-deport when local laws make it difficult for them to live normal lives without being caught breaking national immigration law. The immediate effects of this new law proves the theorem to be true in some cases.

Sob stories abound, but here’s the bottom line: class sizes are shrinking because parents are taking their children out of the schools. If they take their children elsewhere, preferably wherever the parents have legal residency status, then it is extremely likely that the children will be back in school in short order, wherever the parents end up taking them.

That the children suffer upheaval in their lives is the PARENTS’ fault, not the States’. Good for Alabama.


You think that’s controversial? Howabout this: I hope those lawbreaking Mexican parents stay in the USA and work, paying sales taxes and property taxes (through their landlords’ tax bills) and DON’T get caught being illegally in the U.S. I hope that they put their efforts toward homeschooling their children. It is theoretically possible that this law could lead to BETTER education for these children because they will be homeschooled. Of course (stand by for the really insensitive controversial bit) if they just pull their children out of school and stop their education altogether, the parents should be arrested for neglect, serve prison time and then get deported. The children would of course be made wards of the State, which would counteract this positive effect of the new law: The State would put them back into school, raising class sizes again!

Deport the parents. Let them deal with their own children, wherever they came from.


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