Well Ain’t I Fancy!

Give me something fun and I’ll likely play with it. Call this* “Towers on the Moon.” It was a technical exercise that turned out to look neat, so there you go.

(630kB much bigger bigger version click here)

This is a pair of screws on the side of a roll of black electrician’s tape. The smaller of the two screws is ~3mm from end to tip. I was playing with a new macro adapter lens at work. The adapter is for manual lenses and my lens is a “G” series so there is no aperture control; only minimum aperture is available. I had to shoot at f/22, which meant this was a long exposure, high-ISO shot.

The dark background was actually a fairly bright white, but the exposure is funky. It turns out my camera has a bunch of hot pixels at high ISO on long exposures. The color spots are not a good sign for the sensor as such, but I basically never use the camera this way, so it is still okay-enough for what we do where I work. If you don’t see the colored dots, you didn’t click through to the full size version.

*Two artificial habitats on the rim of a crater. The hot pixels remind me of stars (“my god, it’s full of stars!”) and the grainy high-ISO noise makes it look like a film shot from super-dee-uper far ‘way.


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