Pain Free Strikes Again!

A lady I know was having me help her through the e-cises for hand and wrist pain. She usually has crooked-y posture, and her knees point in while her toes point out. She went through the e-cises and walked around a bit, and said she still felt a pinch. I asked, she considered, and then she realized that she was feeling “different” after the pinch went away. She stood still, facing me, and…

Px: So when are we going to straighten out my feet?
VFD: (looks at Px feet)
VFD: Your feet are straight.
Px: (looks at her own feet)
Rx: Oh.

If you have chronic pain, you are doing it wrong. Get this book. If it offends you, try to ignore the evolutionism in the introduction, but read through the whole book. Then get to work fixing yourself. If your diagnosis is “arthritis” then you need this book. If the course of treatment is “surgery or pain meds for life” then you need this book.

Speaking for myself, I thank God for Pain Free! I used to have a knife in my knee, especially on cold, damp mornings. This book helped me to pull it out and keep it out.


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