Man Is Murdered, CIA Whistles, Looks At Sky

He was captured alive and wanted for trial in the International Criminal Court. He was murdered by his captors before his trial could bring out any interesting secrets.

Street justice, or foreign intelligence agency intervention? Does your answer change when you realize there was a French fighter jet AND a United States’ Predator drone flying overhead when he was captured?

Oh, and here’s a fun bit of sarcastic consideration for you: We spent $1.1B and got our less-preferred head of state killed without putting any “boots on the ground.” We were able to do this, because the boots worn by CIA operatives in uniform is called Tactical Footgear, 1 Each; and the footwear worn by CIA agents in deep cover in Libya are SANDALS.

Boots on the ground, if it means uniformed troops walking around, is exactly ZERO different from flying a predator drone in from Nevada. The United States, under the ‘leadership’ of President Obama, has committed unprovoked war against a foreign nation, and aided the murder of that nation’s leader. By way of contrast, in President Bush’s war, we had a straight-up war, caught the guy, then he was duly tried for his crimes and killed by his own State.

Is this the change you were hoping for?


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