Dubious Call Pans Out 100%

Today is day #3 for #3. He’s got the same tummy whatever’s-wrong that a couple of the other children in the church nursery have come down with recently. Lots of #2 from #3’s bottom. Early this morning I woke up at the end of a dream and the house stank. #3 at 3 years-old had got himself on the pot and into a clean diaper . . . but neglected the finer points of cleaning himself and the toilet seat, and flushing. But hey, the sheets were poo-free so WIN!

Anyway, this morning I stayed behind when my Darling Wife took the rest of the Zoo to church. I wasn’t so sure it was necessary, but at least it keeps him away from the other finger-suckers in his Sunday classroom It’s a good thing I did. During their drive to church, he had a little accident involving the necessity of keeping a diaper on him. Then again during the Sunday school hour; he made it safely to the toilet during the church hour. So. I wasn’t sure it was necessary but it turns out to have been a good idea.

Today’s diet: Bananas, apples, and black tea. Ugh.


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