Herman Cain and Troublesome Wymyn

Until you come up with something more substantial than un-named sources supposedly hiding behind confidentiality agreements, this is a non-story. If the story turns out to be some hag got her thong in a twist because she can’t take a complement, this is a non-story. If the story turns out to be a mis-interpreted well-intentioned non-sexual ANYTHING took place, then Cain comes out the winner and Politico is (again) the Loser here.

If the supposedly offeeeeeeended female(s) involved took money in exchange for shutting up and going away, I hope they are forced to give up 100% of the money they received, if they come out from behind their confidentiality agreements. If they don’t, the story is 100% dead and you can know for certain that the only reason any “news” agency reports on it is because they are terrified that Cain will actually win the White House. Need I remind you how President “Slick Willy” Bill Clinton got that nickname? Gee, I wonder which side of the political aisle the alphabet networks prefer.

I think we’ve all seen how little it takes to get a sexual harassment case brought up for serious consideration. Prove it is all I’ve got to say.


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