Madness at Work!

Smashies edition

Sometimes at work, something that looks like it is worth money, actually ends up being worth negative money by the time someone gets through looking up its value. Then it gets put on a shelf to go to be recycled, and the guys in recycling see it looks like money so they send it up to be looked up. Then it is looked up.

And then what?

And then it repeats!

And then what?

Then it repeats!

So today, a piece of marginally-valuable scrap came through in a pile of marginally-valuable things of the same type. LB dropped one by accident and it broke. It still looked like it was worth money. The thing to do is put it on a recycle cart, but then it would come right back again. The solution: time to “oops” it with a hammer.

As LB was oopsing the now-junky junk, management came around the corner and there was a deer-in-the-headlights moment, but it was already seen. I walked into the room at this point and started laughing out loud.

So LB hit it with a hammer on the floor a couple of times in front of t3h b0ss. Then because that’s what you can do in this particular “different kind of” small company, I stole it with my foot and JUMPED up and down on it. Then it was well-and-truly oopsed and headed for the recycle rack. My laughing got louder, and I was not the only one laughing by the time I landed.

I had been on my way out to the warehouse to help freight buddy with a freight shipment question, so I kept walking out the door, laughing my head off. Having exited the more-civilized air conditioned space, I laughed louder. Way ‘way down at the end of an aisle of pallet racking, Clipboard Buddy #1 and Clipboard Buddy #2 were walking around with clipboards and they heard me bellowing laughter and turned around. They gave me a look like I was losing my marbles, which was of course hilarious so I started laughing harder.

God only knows what they were thinking, but as they walked out of sight around the corner, Clipboard Buddies #1 and #2 heard me shouting laughing about as loud as my laugher could go. My laugh was all the way up to eleven.

I walked back inside after I had helped Freight Buddy, and one of my co-workers said they had heard me laughing all the way inside, two rooms past the door to the warehouse.

Now THAT was the most fun I’ve had all week. Even better than playing peek-a-boo! with my one year-old hiding behind Mommy. Small company, big fun!


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