Honey is Not Clear!

No, this is not a post about my Darling Wife’s communication skills. It is about honey. You know, the stuff bees make in the clover field across the county from your house? Yeah, it’s fake. The FDA says the clear brown syrup in the bear-shaped bottle isn’t even honey . . . and it came from China . . . and it has poison in it. No, really.

When honey is fresh off the combs, it is dirty. Proper beekeepers filter out the chunks of bees and bits of honeycomb, slap a label on the jar and sell their honey as-is. Janky cheaty companies with national distribution networks sell an end product that has been heated to kill the sugary goodness, and filtered so there is no pollen left. You know what honey is when you cook it and filter out all the pollen? High fructose corn syrup in a beary cute bottle, that’s what.

Do yourself a favor: if you eat honey, go to a small local market and find a jar marked “raw honey” with a point of origin within a hundred miles of your location, and not distributed by a national organization. If it is like what I eat on my breakfast toast, it will be opaque. It will be grainy. The color will be possibly so light-blonde as to approach white. It will not be, necessarily, liquid. It will also be good for your allergies and diebeetus, unlike the stuff in the supermarket. Plus it will taste better. Try it.

Hat tip: Instapundit


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