Can This Be Put To Bed Now?

Which is more credible?

Candidate 1: A man who was a giant of Capitalism for 40 years, but only ever turned into a monster for three years while he was the head of the (highly political) National Restaurant Association during the 1990s when sex harassment claims were a popular way for gold digging women to get paid to go away, then he turned back into a decent man again after he left.

Candidates 2 & 3: A woman who took a sex harassment settlement in the 1990s and then went on to make similar allegations at her next job, paired up with a woman who is in financial trouble, twice bankrupt, had 9 jobs in 17 years, filed and lost a paternity suit, etc., currently supported/represented by a lawyer who hates everything this man stands for

Well, if you trust voice analysis software that is reported as 95% effective telling a liar from a truth-teller, you will have to say Cain is more credible. Unless of course you watch the network news because you never heard of this story.


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