Oh Right, Blame the Children

There would be more t0 read here, lately, but I have been sucked in. My Darling Wife and the older half of the Zoo have got me playing through Zelda the Ocarina of Time for their amusement. The N64 may be long-obsolete but you can NOT argue with the quality of the gampelay on some of the older games (Contra, anyone?).

Anyway, playing the game straight through takes 40 hours or so, and we’re at it an hour or two at a time, taking significant breaks for reading the walkthrough book in between steps of the game. This is something like an 80 hour-long movie for my family. It’s fun, but it’s killing the time I would normally spend keeping up with current events and making snarky comments thereon. So now you know why. The choice is you or them, and they win.

Yes, I guess that means I just called you a loser.


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