Quote of the Day 12/02/2011

“The political story of the year is how many directions Republicans are willing to go, to avoid going in Romney’s direction” -George Will, today on Laura Ingraham’s show

They were talking about how each of the Republican candidates has had a huge runup in the polls until something came along to sink them. Each except Mitt Romney, who is laying low hoping to pick up the nomination by default.


Runner-up for QOTD is from Michael Savage, by way of a caller who said it back to him. She said he changed her life a while back by saying that . . .

“The general state is Morose. The rest is just a bonus”

That is to say, if you are not walking around with a stupid grin on your face all day every day, you are normal. Most people are at least a little bit “down” most of the time. You don’t need a pill or a head shrinker to fix you, because you are not broke.


Then there is the second runner-up and I didn’t hear if it was said by Newt or Mitt. If it was from Newt that makes it the winner; from Romney it’s just true. They were talking about how “smart” Gingrich is, and somebody says . . .

“What you really want is somebody wise enough to avoid the BIG mistakes”

And I thought, oh really? Big mistakes like THREE failed marriages? Or is that somehow not an indication that you suck at life and fail as a human being?

I looked it up. Apparently he’s still only on three marriages. Given his track record, however, it is only a matter of time until he’s on four marraiges and three divorces. Just wait until a year after his third wife is diagnosed with some horrible illness, then check again.


What? That’s his pattern!


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